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How to resolve indoors marijuana smell problems


Once you have decided to cultivate indoors, germinated seeds and mounted the whole system begins our adventure. Between this point and the harvest should be a piss-pass all goes well, we do not notice and suddenly we get a spliff bundled cut our grass for a month in the mouth. As dreams are just that, a number of drawbacks worth afford to get that happy ending and not one unhappy as poor harvests, full of pests or even in the worst case without cannabis and the courts ...

For indoor cultivation, whether big or small, many or few plants, the odor produced by living plants is noticeable (not annoying) VERY STRONG growing and flowering. This can lead us to think that if we want to save trouble, growing, we can save the use of carbon filter (not just to extend the life of this, if not why not entirely necessary) but better that once the plant florar start it installed. Preventing odors is critical. A grower with years of experience told us as in your case, living in an attic (sixth real) smells solved a problem on the site through a charcoal filter quality.

Active carbon filters




Activated carbon filters antilores multiple measures may be all it adaptable to an extractor of equal diameter. In some steps we can find more than one model disponile, which tells of the many grades available. Indeed this area, like many others is full of new companies that just want to copy a product appeared to improve the price. We applaud the initiative, but interestingly in most cases, "as a free lunch no" (as would be today: the euro to 50 cents not exist. What we mean by this?

Carbon filters like other products can have multiple finishes and contents. Not the same small carbon filter from dubious "no brand" branded one. Also carbon filters may be of equal size but different contents: Activated carbon is the substance odor eliminator, brand and quality of the filter depends on the load on the inside. Moreover, active carbon holding chambers may be of different thicknesses which ensures better "air cleaned". In the case of Class A or professional filters thanks to better filter body design can easily fill the charcoal without gaps where air can escape without being filtered. Reference may be useful to know that the metal sheets are covered by the filter traps dust usually round hole in the case of a normal filter and diamond-shaped holes in the case of class A. Forget the filters with rivets. If they are difficult to open, also filling.

Whatever make and model type, activated carbon filters are the first part of the air outlet: Air enters the filter, the filter into the tube, and the tube to the exhaust. Another exhaust pipe section and to the window will complete the extraction circuit. When using vented type cooltube reflectors, Spudnik or day star, intercalaríamos the reflector between filter and exhaust pipe for connection on both sides of the reflector.

Special mention ozone generating systems. The oxygen enriched with ozone to mix with any molecule. This mixture molecular enormous advantages not only for indoor cultivation but also for sanitary purposes as in the case of hospitals and air ducts.

Ozone Generators


The ozonators follow the same system as when on a rainy day lightning hits the ground and causes a spark that creates ozone. The ozonators can be of different brands and sizes, create ozone and respirable or versions are even found the cigarette lighter plug. They consume very little and have a shelf life if not infinit, very long as long as the lamps contained inside are not subjected to shock or misuse. Ozone generators are able to remove the smell of a grow room without problems themselves, but they need dust filters to lengthen the distance between maintenance of the lamps (need to be cleaned with alcohol after each crop at least every two ). We can find the hall or ozonators for that must be placed at a high altitude, or ozonators directly adaptable to exhaust duct. In a well-designed indoor growing these seconds is recommended for its efficiency.

Ionizers can be used against related odors. Smells like regular smoking at home or in the car as well as odors from animals or other.

Negative ions produced by the ionizer in no case be negative for us or for our plants, just not be enough if we want to fight a good indica in its peak week floración.Los ionizers can be used from a shelf and let them act , table or object height.

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