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Purple Marihuana strains


Marijuana is one of the world's species with more variability in their vegetable family. This variability produces large morphological differences within the same species. One of the main characteristics of varieties as Purple Haze, Blueberry other is a color difference from the rest. These varieties have become famous for developing a purple color or purple during flowering.

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Cannabis is a plant with more capacity of adaptation to the environment . We find marijuana plants in all latitudes of the planet and very different heights. In some cases the adaptation to the environment can lead to significant differences between specimens of different places.

One of the most beautiful differences in cannabis is usually the change color of some varieties during flowering This color change can turn into a purple plants in all its flowers and leaves.

This color change is usually promoted by any of the genetic parent plant. Probably any of its parents 'suffers' from a reaction to cold turning purple . This genetic trait can be transmitted along the lineage of the plant samples showing clear stable trend in their offspring . Purple 's family has grown varieties in recent decades due to a high demand from growers . Still and initially this feature was only noticeable in some very specific varieties nowadays has become popular after multiple crossings between the different families of cannabis.

Today we can easily find plants that develop a clear purple hue in their leaves and even a slight reflection on the flowers if temperatures are low. Mostly the varieties that come from crosses with pure races warm areas often show color changes to lower temperatures. If what you want is a completely purple variety Purple Haze recommend as the prime example .

There are many varieties that can turn purple leaves . In general, air conditioners crops this feature often seen beyond the variety.

Famous examples of marihuanas with ability to make lilaceos colors:

Lavender, New York City Diesel , Blueberry , Purple Haze , Purple Skunk , Pink Plant , Shaman ...

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