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SantYerbasi grow stores are shops specialized in selfgrowing indoors and outdoors, since 2003.

In our catalogue of products you can find wide range of autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, and collector edition seedpacks.
We are experienced growers in hydroponics, aeroponics, soil, coco, and any other substrate.

We have a large stock of seeds for sale. You can find the strain you were looking for, doesn't matter if they were autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds or collector edition seeds. Purchase your seeds for indoors or outdoors growing, with the taste, flavour, effect, yields or genetics that better fit your likes and needings.

Vaporizing herbs is the healthiest way of consumtion. Vaping instead of burning herbs improves its taste, and keep away all the harmful substances, relationed with combustion. At SantYerbasi you will find a selection of the best vaporizers available fin market.

We recommend using vaporizers specially to all those medicinal users. Choose between portable vaporizers or home vaporizers to find the one the meets your needings.

Grinders are a common tool to grind dried herbs. Grinders are a crushing tool to grind dried flowers.

At SantYerbasi grow store you will find best grinders to make your life easier. A fine selection that includes grinders with mesh like Space Case or Grassleaf (to collect resin glands), with buttons to empty its content, like Quick Grinder, and also the most simple ones, made in wood or plastic.

Everything for self growth

At SantYerbasi grow store you will find everything you may need for growing indoors and outdoors. If you don't find what you were looking for do not hesitate to ask our team.

We stock a large range of products, from the best brands, to guarantee the best way to feed your plants. Growing fertilizers, bloom nutrients, grow boosters, and flowering boosters. Find the source of nutrients for your plant's needings. Improve the performance of plants with root boosters and bloom enhancers to get higher yields and quality.

We've been growing for years, so we learnt how to detect and control pests in gardens. Come ask us about many different solutions available against pests, and enjoy from a healthier and heavier crop.

Take profit from our best prices in complete lighting kits, from the cheapest one to the most professional ones.

Checking our complete lighting fixtures you will notice many different kits, lighting kits for growing, lighting kits for flowering, and lighting kits to use for the whole cycle of plants (vegetative phase and bloom phase).

Best grow tents for sale, from the lowest price to the best valued cannabis grow tents, with all guarantees for growing indoors in a discreet way.


Secure buy online

At Sant Yerbasi we are worried about our clients security. That's why it won't be necessary to introduce you credit card details in our website.

The payment is made once users are re-directed to bank's secure website, with latest security systems to guarantee a total confidentiality of your data.

User can also pay its order using bank transfer, in a post office or paying at delivery.

Discreet and fast delivery in 48H

Sant Yerbasi team understands that rapidity and discretion are important in shipments made from our online store.

We do prepare shipments in a quickest way so they can be delivered in a short period of time with no deelays.

All orders at Sant Yerbasi Grow Shop will be prepared and shipped in the as fast as possible, after confirming the order. Once you place the order, and it has been processed you will receive an email anouncing your order is ready to be picked up by courier company.

Free gifts in every order made at SantYerbasi Grow Shop

SantYerbasi Grow Store likes to thank its customers with a free gift in every order. Bigger the order is, better the gift included in your order will be. Once you add your items to the shopping cart the system will show a new window with the gifts related to your order so you can choose which one likes you most. If you have any doubt about gifts available related to order amount you can check our Gifts per order page.


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