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Blueberry-5 seeds
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Blueberry seeds by 00Seeds seedbank are feminized seeds from an indica dominant strain, with a quick flowering period (50-55 days), sourcing growers with a heavy yielder strain, with a top grade quality over most strains in market. Blueberry cannabis has a powerful relaxing effect, with a fruity aroma, and a resin production out of this world, that offers a large return in resin extracts.

Blueberry strain has been one of the consumer's favourite strains sin Dj Short bred and introduced it to the first cannabis cups, and was introduced in market in late 80s in California. 00 Seeds has taken a selected cut from the original Blueberry to offer source growers with one of the best Blueberry phenotypes in market.

Blueberry seeds by 00Seeds build great indica dominant plants, with a strcture tendency to form huge main cola, with a large and dense bud, coated with large amounts of resin. Blueberry is ideal for Sea of Green type of gardens, thanks to its ease of growth and yields, with plants that don't usually surpass 80-90 cm indoors, that will be ready to harvest in 50-55 days.

Outdoors Blueberry developes quick, getting a large-sized plant, being ready to harvest in Early October, before temperatures drop due the Autum arrival. This is a highly resistant strain against mold, that will vary its colors to a deep purple when temperatures drop at night.

The taste and flavor is fruity, with blueberry and berries tones that make her so special and desired.

Those growers who like resin extracts will celebrate growing Blueberry, as it produces big trichome heads, that derive in a very sticky and stinky resin, that sources growers with large returns.

Blueberry 00 Seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: 90% indica - 10% sativa.

Genetics: Blueberry S1.

Flowering period: 50-55 days.

Harvest: Early October.

Yields: 450-500 g/sqm indoors, 500-700 g/plant outdoors.

Taste: Fruity.

Aroma: Blueberry and berries.

Effect: Couch-locking.

Potency: High.

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