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CO2 Tabs from VDL, is a product that provides carbon dioxide to plants, which is essential for the life cycle of plants, since it is converted into carbohydrates during photosynthesis, which contributes to vegetative growth.

Main properties of the VDL CO2 Tabs product are: Carbon Dioxide Supply:

  • Carbon dioxide source for plants: allowing them to carry out photosynthesis and therefore grow healthier and stronger.
  • Easy to Manage: VDL CO2 Tabs appears to be easy to use and manage, making it a convenient option for gardeners and plant growers.
  • Potential Increased Growth: By providing an additional source of carbon dioxide, the product can increase vegetative growth of plants and therefore improve flower and fruit production.

Vdl CO2 tabs for plants is an innovative product designed to provide a safe and easy source of carbon dioxide (CO2) for growing plants.

Vdl CO2 tabs are tablets that are specifically formulated to help improve plant growth and development in any growing medium, providing a constant supply of CO2 through a slow and controlled release process into irrigation water.

Vdl CO2 tabs for plants are easy to use. Simply place a tablet in the irrigation water and allow it to slowly dissolve. The tablet will release CO2 into the water, which will be absorbed through the roots of the plant and converted into energy for plant growth and development.

In addition, Vdl CO2 tabs for plants are safe and non-toxic, making them ideal for use on any type of plant, whether indoors or outdoors. They are ecological and economical, since they are made of recyclable materials and do not contain harmful components for the environment.

In summary, Vdl CO2 tabs for plants are an innovative and practical product that provides a simple and effective solution to improve the growth and development of plants in a closed environment. With its ease of use, safety and affordability, Vdl CO2 tabs for plants is a smart choice for gardeners and indoor plant growers who want to improve the health and growth of their plants in a natural and sustainable way.

The application of Vdl CO2 tabs for cultivation is similar to the application for plants in general:

  • Place one CO2 tabs in every 100l of irrigation water.
  • Allow the tablet to slowly dissolve in the water.
  • Water the plants 2 times a week with the water treated with the CO2 tabs to provide additional CO2 and improve plant growth and development.


60 C02 tablets


Adding C02 just before the dark period does not give any results
since the healthy plants do not absorb C02 at night. The tablets release CO2 for 5-6 hours after of
your application.

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  1. Luis Garcia asks Nov 17, 2016

    So you disolve the tab in water and let the bucket inside the garden , not to the water im giving to my plants right?

    1. Edu SantYerbasi answers Nov 17, 2016

      Yes, you should add them to your nutrient solution and then feed your plants with that.
      It's not as using an expensive CO2 system, but you'll notice benefits.
      Whatch out using CO2 tablets because they can change the pH of your Nutrient Solution.
      Best wishes!

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