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ActiTube-Slim 50 units

ActiTube rolling filters are specifically developed to get smooth experience when smoking, at the same time that retain large amount of harsh substances. Each ActiTube filter has a one use only, and can be acquired in boxes of 10, 40 or 100 units.


ActiTube filters are one of the best options to reduce the amount of harsh substances we inhale when smoking. Each filter Actitube contains active carbon inside, that keeps most of the negative substances when smoking.

As ActiTube is for a one use only, the active carbon will keep all negative substances away from your lungs. After using it you only need to throw it, and use a new one for the next join. The use of ActiTube does not affect the effect, nor taste of smoked.

ActiTube are available in boxes of 10 units, 40 units and 100 units.

ActiTube filters

Diameter: 7mm.

Length: 35mm

Boxes: 10 units, 40 units, 100 units.

Use: One use per Actitube filter.

Filter: Contains active carbo that notoriously reduce harmful substances of smoke.

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