Adjust A Wings Spreader

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Reduce the impact of light on plants as well as hot spots. Rebate of up to 5 º C at the height of the plants. Increase your returns by using less amount of light.

By adding this attachment to the reflector wings Adjust-to-high efficiency is achieved and may be at a distance of 20-30cm, increasing the amount of light and improving distribution.
Can be used with any lamp or reflector eliminates "hot spots".
The Super Spreader increases the performance of any HID lamp horizontal.
• Increases the range of light from the lamp.
Eliminates "hot spots" and the darker edges of the crop.
· Get ​​a vigorous plant growth.
• Increases the intensity of light without burning.
• Allows the lamp closer to the plants.
• Available in various sizes.
• Use with any lamp or reflector.

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