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Adjust-A-Wings is probably the growing reflector that brings better results from all are sold today. Adjust A Wings Avenger reflector is available in two sizes (Medium and Large) and a 97% reflection quality. The main advantage of this reflector is that guarantees a balanced growth of all plants, and increases yields of the crop, thanks to its studied shape and reflection. Adjust-A-Wings Avenger reflector is wide-adjustable, to adapt it to the grow-room needings, and also admits to adjust the height of the lamp holder.

The Avenger Adjust-A-Wings is the most professional version from Adjust A Wings reflector. The same way that happens with all Adjust A WIngs reflector, the Adjust A Wings Avenger is advanced designed, cientifically proffed, with a functioning and versatility unbeatable getting a high quality reflection of about 97%.

The Adjust-A-Wings reflector has earned to be considered the best growing reflector of market, thanks to its studied shape and reflection, that get a better difused light, so the all the plants in the squared meter will grow the same, and it also disipates better the heat than other reflectors. In addition, thanks being made in anodized aluminium, its way lighter than other manufactured with steel, and increases the dissipation of the heat created by HPS lamps.

One of the main advantages of Adjust-A-Wings reflectors it's its versatility, that allow you to adjust the curve of its wings, so grower can decide to intensify the amount of light in a certain area, or spread the light into bigger area. The height of the lamp holder is adjustable too, thank to adjustable lamp holder, what also helps getting a better set up depending on wings chosen shape.

Thanks to the quality of materials used manufacturing these reflectors, Adjust-A-Wings Avenger has a 3-year warranty, being fully functional up to 5 years without problems.

The size of Avenger Medium are studied for a 400w-600w lamps, while Avenger Large is suitable for 1000w (or 2x 600w).

Adjust A Wings Avenger characteristics

Reflectivity: 97%.

Available sizes: Medium and Large.

Materials: Anodized aluminium.

Adjustable: Yes.

Avenger Medium size: 70x55 cm.

Avenger Large size: 100x70 cm.

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