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Afgooey is a new strain recently added to the Strain Hunter's list at SantYerbasi. An indica strain, good for all types of growing methods like SOG and Scrog, with medium yields.

Afgooey , new bank Strain Hunters variety is native to Northern California , and to date has only been available in cuttings. Strain Hunters has gotten a junction ( S1 ) reversing the original cutting.

Afgooey is characterized by a strong and vigorous plant with thick leaves and dark green , with overlapping leaflets . A variety noted for its short internodes , bushy structure , thick branches and stem width .

Afgooey can withstand high levels of fertilizer and is suitable to be grown in SOG ( Sea of Green) and SCROG (Screen of Green ) . Grows well in all cropping systems and develops perfectly on the outside culture .

Afgooey buds are pear-shaped , dense , compact, with chalices of medium-large size. Produce plenty thick resin , and a strong odor from the middle of flowering.

The effect is quick and lasting . Very powerful variety with cerebral confusing , deep, almost chaotic.

Flavor reminiscent of the old Afghan with fruity touches. Earthy flavor at first, it becomes sweet and fruity with notes of citrus , orange , lemon and tropical fruits.

Features Strain Hunters Afgooey variety of Seed Bank

Genetics: Afghani x Maui Haze / 70 % indica - 30 % sativa ( feminized ) .

Height: low-growing plant with a short distance intermodal , less than 5 cm.

Flowering indoor : Flowering time 8 weeks. Produces up to 0.9 gr ( bud once dried and manicured ) per watt per m2 ( under a 1000 W HPS ) .

Outside Flowering: flowering time of 8 weeks, with production up to 1 kilo per plant bud once dried and manicured , depending on the final size.

Sabor (burnt ) : citric, fruity kush style , earthy .

Aroma ( unburned ) : orange, lemon , tropical fruits , kush .

Looks dry / crumbled bud : Dried buds are pear-shaped , are dense and compact , with goblet of medium / large size. The resin develops early during flowering. The shredded buds are sticky, light green with darker tones.

Effect speed
: fast

Duration of effect
: long lasting.

Effect type / quality : extremely strong , mental , confused , intellectual . Creative but chaotic .

Medicinal Qualities : combat apathy and depression.

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