Agent 939 LEDFX

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Method Seven introduces Agent 939 LEDFX lenses, for LED and LEC/CMH fixtures. Method Seven Agent 939 LEDFX are thought to bring the maximum comfort and eye protection against Full Spectrum LED, against UV light and IR lights, respecting the real color of plants. A must have tool for all those working under high intensity fixtures to prevent eye pain and fatigue.

Method Seven Agent 939 LEDFX lenses are manufactured with a unique color balance system that neutralizes the light spectrum produced by Full Spectrum LED lamps, and LEC/CMH, allowing who uses them to check plants with its true color, being much easier to detect any possible problem or defficiency that may accur along the growing cycle.

Agent 939 LEDFX lenses sets together 9 layers of filters in one lenses, to get full protection against LED light, that also protects your eyes against UV light and IR light, giving a total protection to your eyes. This was gotten thanks to a cientific formula developed by Method Seven and Carl Zeiss Vision. Thanks to this wide protection, these lenses can be used outside your grow-space in your daily tasks, with a 100% security for your eye protection. In addition, thanks to its color balance, the lenses allow growers to stay longer in the growroom reducing the eye fatigue.The Agent 939 frame is manufactured within TR90, a thermoplastic material produced with Swiss technology, being incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight.

Method Seven Agent 939 LEDFX

Type: Lenses for grow-light protection.

Protection: Against Full Spectrum LED and LEC/CMH fixtures (UV and IR).

Color balance: Allows to see true colors of plants.

Use outdoors: Yes.

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