Agrobacterias Total Killer 60ml

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Agrobacterias Total Killer 60ml-60ml
Total Killer 60ml

Insecticide and strengthening ecological-based Sales Potasicas. Cleaning action stimulates the plant leaf development and eliminates molasses produced by the action of insects, while acting against them making them more vulnerable since it softens its chitinous shell.

COMPOSITION: Potassium soap.

COMBATS: Aphid, whitefly, spider red aphid, cochineal, Tryps....

Wetting: 1 ml / L of water.
Preventive use: 5 ml / L of water.
Healing use: 8 ml / L of water.

Spray both sides of the leaves. power the action of other insecticides. repeat application after 7 to 10 days. Suitable for organic farming, 100% natural.

Bottle of 60 ml.

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