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ATA NRG Alga-C is a growth stimulator for muled to be used along vegetative stage and flowering stage. ATA Organics Alga-C booster has a high content of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and plant hormones, being an organic stimulator, effective along all stages of plants. Alga-C can be added to your nutrient solution or foliar sprayed.

Alga-C is a seedweed based stimulator, with high content of trace elements, amino acids, vitamines and plant hormones, that improves plant's dveelopement. ALga-C improves plant's health, and helps increasing resistance, being suitable to use it in all kind of substrates along all plant's cycle.

Atami Alga-C is an organic product that can be added to your nutrient solution, or foliar sprayed when we need an inmediately uptake. As all of ATA Organics products, it is not recommended to use these biological product in automatic irrigation systems, as it could block the drippers.

Alga C is a concentrated product with a dose of 2-5 ml/L in nutrient solution (1-3 ml/L if we used as foliar spray).

Alga-C ATA NRG characteristics

Type: Seeweed extract based stimulator.

Format: Liquid.

Uso: Can be added to water (2-5 ml/L) or used as foliar spray (1-3 ml/L), along all stages of plants (grow and bloom).

For: Suitable for all substrates.

Size: 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L.

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