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Aptus All-In-One pellets is a slow disolution fertilizer, that will free all its nutrient power as time passes by. All-In-One Aptus is 100% organic, and a complete feeding source for plant's developement up to 3 months. El fertilizante sólido Aptus All-In-One son gránulos de disolución lenta, que liberan todo su poder fertilizante con el paso del tiempo. All-In-One Aptus es 100% orgánico, y proporciona una nutrición completa para el desarrollo de las plantas hasta 3 meses.

Aptus All-In-One is a pellets fertilizer of slow release, 100% organic.

All-In-One assures all necessary nutrients for plants in a maximum period of 3 months.

One application of All In One lasts between 10 to 12 weeks, being possible to re-add for extended cycles.

Al-In-One is specially formuled with macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, amino acids and biostimulators, to improve developement of plants during a certain period.

All-In-On pellets nutrient could be applied during transplant, or when preparing the soil mix, directly in it, or all over it, to extend growing stage.

The complete nutrient profile from All-In-One pellets fertilizer minimizes the stress of plants due to surrounding, pests, and pathogen agents.

All-In-One pellets characteristics

Fertilizer type: growing and flowering.

Format: pellets.

Formulation: 100% organic, slow release.

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