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Aptus All In One Liquid is a powerful and concentrated fertilizer for the whole cycle of plants. All In One Liquid nutrient is specially developed to be used along all vegetative stage and flowering phase, thanks to containing all necessary elements for a vigorous grow and explosive bloom. All-In-One Aptus is totally soluble in water, and leaves no residues in watering systems or drippers.

The growing and flowering fertilizer All-In-One Aptus has a 100% mineral base, that contains all essential elements for grow and bloom of plants.

Aptus All In One Liquid is a liquid nutrient formuled with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and micro-elements boron, molybdenum, iron, manganese, zinc and copper.

All-In-One Liquid can be used alog all vegetative stage until late flowering phase, being a totally soluble product, free from residues on watering systems.

All-In-One Liquid characteristic

Highly concentrated: Dillution grade is 1ml per liter of nutrient solution.

Pure raw materials: Without residual salts, and optimum bio-availability.

Unique manufacturing process: Without added chlorides.

Ventajas de All-In-One Liquid

Económico: Se utiliza en muy pequeñas cantidades.

Práctico: All-In-One Liquid Aptus no es sensible a las variaciones de pH y se puede utilizar en una amplia gama de pH.

Eficiente: El valo de EC medio es el verdadero valor de EC. No hay valores de EC inútiles debido a la ausencia de sales residuales y cloruros.

All-In-One Liquid para crecimiento y floración

All-In-One is respectful with eviroment and avoids salt precipitation and negative effects of chlorides for micro-life.

Is perfect in conjunction with Aptus boosters.

Guarantees a balanced source of nutrients for plants. Adjustments on feeding can be done with Aptus stimulators formuled for each stage of plant's cycle.

Can be used in all types of substrates and medium: Soil, Peat, rockwhool and aeroponics.

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