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Amino Acids-57g

Amino Acids by NPK Industries are pure amino acids, in soluble powder form, ideal as a supplement for cannabis growing. Raw Solubles Amino Acids are compatible with any nutrient schedule in market, helping to improve plant's growth. Amino Acids is highly concentrated, and is suitable for soil, coco and hydroponics.

Amino Acids plays an essential rol in internarl processes of plants, specially in transport and storage of essential nutrients for a proper developement.

NPK Industries Amino Acids source essential aminoacids, derived from L-glycine and L-Glutamic Acid, with no fillers and no dyes that may alter the product. Amino Acids is a 100% water soluble product, highly concentrated so a small amount can produce large nutrient solution.

Raw Amino Acids contains a 7% soluble Nitrogen, that will help prevent and solve any lack of Nitrogen during the vegetative stage or even in flowering stage. Can be used in all growing mediums: Soil, Coco or Hydroponics.

Being powder, Amino Acids offers a long shelf life, besides savings due to lower transport cost (you don't pay for water). This together with its high concentration, makes it an ideal supplement for low budget operations, and also for large scale gardens (indoors and outdoors).

Amino Acids NPK Industries

Type: Amino acids.

For: Improve internal processes of plants that derive in, increased growth, flower formation, and more resin production. Help solving lack of nitrogen.

Use: During all stages of plants (growing and flowering), in any growing medium: soil, coco and hydroponics.

Dose: 0,6g-1,25g per each 4L of nutrient solution.

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