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Amino CCK is a liquid organic fertilizer that acts as biological insecticide, formuled with concentrated potassium soap. Amino CCK is an insecticide-acaricide that works by contact. Amino CCK is able to remove pests of red spider mites or insects, and can be used along all stages of plants (vegetative stage and flowering stage).

¿What's Trabe Amino CCK?

Amino CCK is a potassium soap that acts to prevent and remove pests of red spydermite, white fly, thrip, aphids and other insects.

Amino CCK (previously know as Oleatbio CCK) is totally harmless for plants and can be sprayed during all stages of growth (vegetative stage and bloom stage).

Tips on how to apply Amino CCK and dosage

Amino CCK is a compound that must be disolved in water to be sprayed.

It is crucial to use RO water (or water with low ppm) to prepare the solution you will spray, with this as with any other product you might spray your plants with.

Dillute 8ml of Amino CCL per liter of water into your sprayer (remember that using an automatic sprayer help proceeding more comfortably, what actually derives in a better application of the product).

Apply the solution during hours of lower light intensity to avoid any leaf-burn.

* A tip you barely find in any other site is the lifespan of the product. Although is true that it has a very long shelf life, once opened these compounds reduce significantly its effectiveness. If your Amino CCK was open more than 3 months ago you better discard its use (the product will work, but it won't do the job as good as new, and you never know if it will be enough or not until it's too late).

¿How to apply the Oleatbio insecticide-acaricide?

We already commented how important is to spray your plants during those hours with less light intensity, to avoid any leaf-burn.

The process to spray an insecticide should always be the same:

1.- Proceed to the application of the product from the bottom part of the plants up to the top.

2.- Always spray paying special attention to the underside of the leaves. Is there where most of the insects and mites stay, besides being the only point used by plants to uptake nutrients or any other product sprayed.

3.- Spray the plant branch by branch until all the plant has been sprayed.

4.- Make sure the product has reached every corner of the plant.

It is important for you to understand that when you spray your plants you must do it thouroughly. It is better to apply the product less times but properly than applying it fast because you are on a rush.

Remember that the amount of solution sprayed should be related to the size of the plants. As a refference, indoor growing in SOG type of gardens, in which 16 plants per sqm are used, it is not rare to use 1L of solution per application. Outdoors, with 1,5-2 meter tall plants (specially if many side-branched) the will precise similar quantities.

Our advise is to spray your plants early in the morning (8-9 am), after sunrise but before the sunlight is too intense, what could affect them negatively. You can also spray your plants before sunset when temperatures are lower (to allow a longer period of product activity and ease it to reach the insects, as during these hours present lower activity).

Even though you can spray products before sunrise (or even at nightime), it will be always better to spray cannabis plants early in the morning. This way you will avoid your flowers to suffer from high humidities, what could cause problems of mold (specially in late flowering stage).

¿How often should I repeat the treatment with Amino CCK?

Trabe recommends to spray your plants every 7 days, but in our opinion this might not be enough to remove some pests.

Our recommendation if you don't see any pests is to foliar spray your plants with Amino CCK every 7-10 days as preventive.

If you already detected a pest it is better to apply Amino CCK every 3-4 days until completelly remove the pest.

Characteristics of Amino CCK by Trabe (previously known as Oleatbio CCK)

Type: Against mites and insects.

To: Prevent and remove pests of insects, red sypedermites, thrips, aphids... besides improving macro and micro nutrient uptake of plants.

Use: During all grow stages of plants in foliar spray.

Dose: 8 ml/L.

Available sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 1L.

Security term: None.

Amino CCK final reviews and its price

The Amino CCK (previously known as Oleatbio CCK), is one of our favourite produtcs against pests specially against insects and mites. This is a quite unique product in market, that gets to prevent and remove pests of red spydermite, white fly, thrips or aphids in between others. In addition Amino CCK contains amino acids that improve macro and micro nutrient uptake, what derives in an overall better health of plants after every application.

Another of the main advantages of Amino CCK by Trabe is its capacity to prevent and remove pests of insects like white fly. The fact is preventing against white fly during vegetative stage of plants will increase the probabilities of not suffering from caterpillars (with the safe in problems this means).

At SantYerbasi we feel Amino CCK is a unique product not only more effective than most of the competitors from other brands but also highly concentrated, 100% organic, that does not generate resistance in plants and does not need a security term before harvest (although at SantYerbasi we do recommend stop using it about 7-10 days before harvest):

About the product price, we do think it is an legit price talking about this concentration and benefits got. Its smaller bottle (100ml) work to prepare up to 12 liters of solution, what allows you to spray many times your plants. About this size, the price per bottle (less than 10€) seems suitable for a product that not only gets rid of pests but also improves nutrient uptake of plants (what directly affects yields increasing them).

To sum up: Amino CCK is a product you can trust that sets a difference between good and best.

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