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Super Strains seedbank's Amnesia seeds are the original version what's known as Amnesia Hy-Pro. This strain is wellknown by any cannabis enthusiast in Europe. Amnesia HyPro marijuana is known by its heavy yields, citrus and hazy taste, and also by its quick flowering time, because it is ready to harvest in few more than 9 weeks to 12/12. Amnesia cannabis plants are very resistant against pests, and precise low feeding to get great results.


Amnesia Hy-Pro, created by Super Strains, is a globally renowned and exclusive cannabis strain. Recognized for its potent effects and incredible high, this variety has won numerous awards at the Amsterdam Cannabis Cups over the last two decades. Its history dates back to the mid-90s when Super Strains, formerly known as Hy-Pro Seeds, introduced the first Amnesia plant to the cannabis scene.

Amnesia Hy-Pro stands out not only for its outstanding performance in cultivation but also for its ease of care. With unique flavors that blend incense and sweet tones, its taste is smooth, almost liquid, and always full of nuances. The effect of Amnesia is clear, extremely cerebral, and positively stimulating, making it the perfect choice to start the day with a smile.

In indoor cultivation, Amnesia blooms in approximately 10 weeks, offering high-quality yields. Outdoors, the plant can grow up to 3 meters in height, producing high-quality and high-yielding flowers. Additionally, its resistance to mold and natural defense against pests make it a low-maintenance variety.

Amnesia Hy-Pro Seed Characteristics:

  • Seed Bank: Super Strains
  • Genetics: Original Sativa Dominant
  • Flowering Period: 10 to 12 weeks
  • Indoor Yield: Up to 650 g/m²
  • Outdoor Yield: Up to 1000 g/plant
  • Indoor Height: Approximately 1.5 meters
  • Outdoor Height: Can reach up to 3 meters
  • Harvest: Late October
  • THC: Extremely high level
  • Flavor: Intense citrus notes with Haze undertones

Questions and Answers:

  • Is it advisable to use cuttings of Amnesia Hy-Pro in cultivation?

    • Yes, cuttings of Amnesia Hy-Pro are a popular choice due to their ease of care and quality results.
  • What are some tips for cultivating Amnesia Hy-Pro?

    • Some tips include controlling height in indoor cultivation, leveraging its mold resistance, and following a tailored watering strategy.
  • How can the original Amnesia Hy-Pro be distinguished from other varieties?

    • Authenticity can be verified through reliable and recognized sources, such as Super Strains, and by the unique characteristics of flavor and effect.
  • What is the indoor flowering process for Amnesia Hy-Pro?

    • Indoor flowering of Amnesia Hy-Pro occurs in approximately 10 weeks, with a yield of high-quality buds.
  • How does Amnesia Hy-Pro behave in indoor cultivation compared to Amnesia Haze?

    • Amnesia Hy-Pro shares characteristics with Amnesia Haze but with a focus on performance and ease of cultivation.
  • What are the key aspects of Amnesia Hy-Pro's growth?

    • Amnesia Hy-Pro tends to have controlled growth and is nearly immune to insects, making it suitable for various cultivation environments.
  • Is there a recommended nutrient chart for cultivating Amnesia Hy-Pro?

    • Yes, there are recommended nutrient charts for Amnesia Hy-Pro; however, we recommend adapting them to the specific needs of each cultivation.

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