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Amnesia is one of the latest strains added to CBD Seeds catalogue. Amnesia is a marijuana strain with sativa herintage, that flowers quickly, and is ready to harvest after 10 weeks to 12/12 indoors, end of October outdoors. AMnesia brights by being a cannabis strain with strong and powerful relaxing effects, with haze flavours, what makes her a deli for tokers. Yields will surprise even the most experienced growers, thanks to its high yields and density of its flowers.

This champion could not miss our collection of classic seeds. And this genetics, needs no introduction. In the Netherlands, Amnesia Haze is one of the few varieties that tourists buy more than once during his visits to the coffeeshops. Its effect is sativa, very powerful, and its fresh flavor to haze have made her a champion in several cannabis events of the Netherlands. We caution that is only suitable for experienced smokers variety as our Dutch friends as they say, if you smoke in the morning, the whole day will run in a comfortable state of amnesia inducida.Nuestra genetics comes from a Dutch breeders selected strain, clone called 5 the most fame. We offer our customers this variety feminized version, it will generate great feeling.

Flowering time indoors: 8 weeks

Outdoor Harvest: End of October

Production: Very high

Genotype: Sativa stabilized

Phenotype: Sativa medium-high size

Effect: Strong and very durable.

Smell: Fresh, incensed

Taste: Amnesia (unmistakable)

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