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Aptus Enzym+ is a powerful blend of enzym complexes. Enzym+ contains different types of enzymes which have different functions. Enzym+ Aptus keeps the root surface clean so that nutrients are better absorbed by plants. Enzyme+ removes dead organic matter and root residues, transforming the accumulated and saturated nutrient salts in plant available nutrients, and stabilizes the EC in the medium as well.


Aptus Enzym+ is a poweful enzym complex that contains different types of enzymes that produce different functions.

Enzym+ Aptus is a very concentrated product, cheap to use. Even with low dosages, Enzym+ keeps the medium and rhizosphere clean.

Enzym+ benefits

Soil and cocos do not need to be replaced periodically.

Kepps the root zone clean.

Prevents the accumulation and excess of nutrient salts.

Stabilizes EC in the medium.

Use only once per rinse cycle.

Tips and tricks

Do not leave a tank with nutrients and Enzym+ in it for too long.

Add Enzym`as last in the nutrient solution preferably just before giving water.

Enzym+ composition

Enzym+ is made from a blend of enzyme complexes reinforced with stabilizers. The enzyme complexes include beta-glucanase and cellulose. The stabilizers ensure an effective functioning of the enzymes and is also a nutrient for the plant. the enzymes are produced in a sterile enviroment so that contamination with microbes or other elements is excluded.

How to use Enzym+

At each watering: 25ml per 100 liters of water.

Once per week: 50ml per 100 liters of water.

Add Enzym+ as last in the nutrient solution as could be. Preferably just before watering.

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