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ATA Organics Flavor is an organic flavoiur enhanced and also a bloom booster that improves the yield of your crop. The use of ATA NRG Flavor along the last two weeks of flowering stage (just before flushing), increases the size and improves taste and aroma of your buds. Flavor aroma enhancer is very concentrated, with a dose between 0,5 and 1 ml/L.

Atami Flavor is a plant's flavour enhacer, based in beet molasses. This organic bloom booster, is specifically developed for vegetables and fruit, improving also the density of your flowers.

In addition, Flavor can be used as an additive added to your program schedule, as additional potassium, that helps increasing the thickness of your fruits, and your final yield.

Flavor should e added to your irrigation along last two weeks of flowering stage (previous to flushing period). Due to its organic origin, it is not recommended to add Flavor in irrigation systems, because it could obturate the drippers.

Flavor ATA NRG characteristics

Type: Bloom booster and flavour enhancer.

Format: Liquid.

Use: Add to your nutrient solution along two last weeks of flowering stage.

For: Plants grown in soil and coco.

Size: 100ml, 1L and 5L.

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