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Atami Upgrade is an organic powder nutrient, with an NPK composition of 6-3-4. ATA NRG Upgrade is produced with rock phosphate and plant origin ingredients. This powder fertilizer is rich in slow release nitrogen, what asures long-term plant's feeding. Atami Upgrade contains Bacillus, a beneficial bacteria for roots.

ATA NRG Upgrade is rich in organic nitrogen, what boosts growth and asures covering the demand of this element along vegetative stage of plants. Upgrade contains Bacillus, a beneficial bacteria that colonizes root system and improves nutrient uptake. It also releases phosphorus locked in growing medium to be uptaken by roots. The phosphorus release not only allows a better root developement, it also takes an important role in early flowering stage, improving the flower and resin producition.

Upgrade ATA NRG is an authorized nutrient for organic farming, suitable for all growing mediums, specially for soil and coco, during all stages of plants (growing stage and blooming stage).

If we pretend getting a good result using Upgrade we should mix 3-6 grams of Upgrade for liter of growing medium.

In cases where we plant to prepare the substrate for propagation, it is recommended to reduce a bit the dose of Upgrade, and mix 1-2 grams per liter of substrate.

Along cycle, to get an even better feeding, you can top dress 2-4 grams per liter of substrate on the top of the surface (creating a thin layer on the top of the surface).

ATA NRG Upgrade Atami

Type: Growing and flowering nutrient rich in Nitrogen.

Use: Mix Upgrade in substrate for a slow release of nutrients contained.

For: Source of Nitrogen and locked down phosphorus release.

Dose: Propagation: Mix 1-2 grams per liter of growing medium. Vegetative stage: Mix 3-6 grams per liter of growing medium. Along cycle: Top dress with 2-4 grams per liter of growing medium.

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