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Atazyme is a high quality natural multi-enzyme preparation. The use of Atazyme helps plants improving its nutrient uptake capacity, and also solving nutrient-locking issues. Atami Atazyme is really helpful to enhance root activity, what derives in better growth process.

Enzyme compounds contained in Atazyme help improving root system activity, besides other growth processes of plants.

Enzymes are known by enhancing micro-organisms activity in soil, also reducing the risk of diseases and pests in substrate. Another great characteristic of Atazyme is that it helps disturbing and digesting dead root matter, and reduces the risk of over-fertilization due to a nutrient-lock in substrate.

Atazyme used as an additive to your feeding schedule, helps preventing excess, and solving them, getting a healthier growth, free from nutrient-lock issues.

Atami Atazyme should be added to your nutrient solution:

Once a week within 2 ml/L dose, or every irrigation within a 1 ml/L dose.

Atazyme can be used in all growing mediums: soil, coco and hydroponics.

Atazyme characteristics

Type: Enzymes.

Format: Liquid.

Use: Along all cycle of plants (grow and bloom). Dose 2 ml/L (applied once per week) or 1 ml/L (every irrigation).

For: All growing mediums: Soil, coco and hydroponics.

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