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Athena Balance is a studied formula of potassium silicates that improves performance of plants, besides buffering to balance the pH of nutrient solution. The silicon sourced by Balance helps plants increase growth ratio, strengthens stem and trunks structure, reduces stress and improves the use plants make from nutrients.


What's Athena Balance booster and why is it good for plants?

Athena Balance is a grow and bloom enhancer formuled with potassium silicates. The use of silicon to feed your plants makes them to perform better in some aspects like increased resistance of stems and trunks, higher resistance against stress, better efficiency in water and nutrients use.

In addition Athena Balance developes another useful function (specially if you grow in hydroponic systems, NFT or flood and drain) as it acts as buffer of nutrient solution balancing pH of water. In those growing methods whith recirculating water, guarantee a balanced pH of the nutrient solution saves many problems to grower, and improves overall health of plants.

Why should I purchase Balance? Features and benefits of sourcing silicon

As we already said, Balance brings many benefits at all levels, that help improving results per crop. When talking about improving results we not only refer to increase yields (what really does), but also an overall health improvement of plants that turns into higher quality of the final product.

These are the main benefits you'll get if you add Balance to your nutrient solution:

  • improvement of the strengthen of stem and trunks:Silicon acts at cell level making cell walls thicker and stronger. This makes plants to generate more resistant stems, able to hold the weight of heavy flowers.
  • Prevents against stress situations like hard enviroment conditions (extreme cold or heat), besides stress by transplant, or even other type of stress that plants could suffer.
  • Improvement in use of resources available: Silicon acts in multiple internal processes improving the efficiency of some of them. This is the case of plant's use of nutrients and water. Improving efficiency they consume less nutrients and water to get same previous results (in other words: Get better results consuming the same amount of nutrients and water).
  • Water pH balance buffer: Specially when using reverse osmosis water (or soft water), the pH fluctuations are usually one of the main headaches for growers. Balance sets the pH of the nutrient solution to optimal values, with much lower fluctuations (or almost none).
  • Enhances resin production and thickness of flowers: Regards an improvement of internal processes, plants treated with Balance can achieve better performance in terms of bud size, density, taste and flavor.
  • Useful as protector against pests: Thicker cell walls help preventing and protecting against pests and harmful external agents.
  • Prevents against fusarium and pathogen fungi: The use of silicates in irrigation prevents against algae and mold appearance in growing medium.
  • Increases resistance against drought.

How to add Balance to water: Dosages and growers guide

Athena Balance is a silicon supplemental source that must be added to water in first place (before adding any other fertilizer or booster). Once you add the proper dose, stir and proceed adding other nutrients and stimulators.

Recommended dosages for reverse osmosis water and soft waters

All comercial growers will get the best results adding a dosage of 0,2-0,5 ml of Balance per liter at first, stir the solution and then adding the rest of nutrients and boosters.

The function of applying Balance at first is to improve water sructure (that due a very low content of minerals is ver unstable).

Dose for hard water

In cases where you only get medium-high hardness of water, the recommended dose of Balance is 0,5-1 ml per Liter of Nutrient Solution.

What happens if I add too much silicon to water? Useful tips

Athena does not mention this function, and remember that is always better to respect the manufacturer recommended dosages. Although we can tell you that silicon can be also used to force plants to stop their vertical growth (specially when plants have grown far too much before flowering begin). In these cases you can feed plants with a slightly higher dose of silicon to force a growth stop.

The use of silicates like the ones contained in Balance can help telling your plants you need them to stop their vertical growth.  You can get this feature adding a dosage of 15 ml per 10L of nutrient solution (as you can see the dosage is not much higher than the recommended so watch out when measuring the amount you add and never overfeed plants, or you will cause a stop in plant's growth).

Characteristics of potassium silicates in Athena Balance

Type: Liquid potassium silicates.

To: Increase strengthen of stems, improve growth, final yields, and balance pH of the nutrient solution to optimal values.

Use: During all stages of growth (vegetative phase and flowering phase).

Dosages: 0,2-1,5 ml/L.

NPK: 0-0-2

Soluble potash: 2%.

Derived from: Potassium silicate.

Contains 5% of Silicon dioxide derived from potassium silicate.

Balance final reviews and price of sale

If you are a current visitor of this site, you may already read our opinion of silicon-based products. We will make a spoiler here: We love them, and we are convinced users of the benefits in garden.

Said this, lets go deeper in Balance by Athena, a grow and bloom stimulator that accomplish many more functions than what you thought before reading this description. As we already explained, strengthen stems, improves internal processes of plants to increase grow vigor and final yields, besides balancing pH of water, prevent against stress and pests. Still not enough? It also prepares you the breakfast!

Well, it can't do this last part, but sure you can prepare a much tastier smoke-juice, because it does improve taste and flavor of flowers.

Crystal clear this is a recommended product, but what about its price? If you look closer to concentration (dosage between 0,2 and 1,5 ml/L) and the lowest price (compared with similar products in market) you will notice that is one of the best options in market in terms of quality/price. If you have never tested the benefits of using silicon in your plants Balance is a great product to take advantage of silicon without risking your budget.


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