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Athena Bloom A+B is one of the flowering nutrients more concentrateds in market. The balanced mix of minerals improves yields, size and weight of the flowers. This is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer, that must be added at equal parts of A and B. Suitable for all growing mediums (soil, coco and hydroponics). Balances de pH of the nutrient solution so plants can uptake maximum amount of nutrients during flowering phase.

¿What's Athena Bloom A+B and why is it good for?

Athena Bloom A+B is a 2-part flowering fertilizer highly concentrated, produced to maximize the crop of plants in flowering stage. Bloom A+B uses a balanced formula of micronutrients and chelated micronutrients, that lets you get maximum performance from those flower production plants.

The maximum performance is got thanks to an increased nutrient uptake capacity through a wide range of pH, no matter the growing meidum in which plants are grown. The Athena Bloom A+B base nutrient is suitable for plants grown in soil, coco and hydroponic systems.

Properly sourced, Athena Bloom A+B fertilizer gets increased flower formation, and quicker developement, besides getting bigger size and density of nugs, in addition to enhaced taste and aroma of fruits.

¿How to use Athena Bloom nutrients in flowering stage?

  • Athena Bloom A+B is a 2-part base nutrient that should be added to nutrient solution at equal parts of A and B.
  • Athena products takes care of balancing the pH of the nutrient solution besides letting plants uptake more nutrients through wider pH range. If your reservoir contains products from other brands do not forget to check pH and EC before proceeding to irrigation.
  • Never mix the compounds pure. Always add A to solution, stir and then add B.
  • SantYerbasi recommends to don't exceed EC=1,6-1,8 in flowering stage (unless you are using CO2.
  • Check the pH of your nutrient solution after adding all nutrients and boosters. In flowering phase we recommend a pH= 6,0-6,2. If you hace any doubt about the suitable pH for cannabis plants check out our post where we go deeper into pH for cannabis.

Athena Bloom Blended Line nutrients recommended dosages

Athena recommends a dosage of Bloom A+B between 2-7 ml per Gallon of nutrient solution. For the ones that use metric system this is equals to 2-7 ml per each 3,78 liters of N-S, what (between you and us) is difficult to calculate (proof of this is the amount of sites in which the dosage is misdescribed).

To save you time and maths we tell you that we passed our primary exams and the recommended dose is between 0,5 and 1,85 ml/L. So it is true these nutrients are highly concentrated, right?

Remember: The recommended dosages refers to each one of the compounds. When we mention a dose of 0,5 ml/L it means 0,5 ml/L from A + 0,5 ml/L from B.

¿Why dosages are expressed in a range and not a fixed value?

As it happens with humans or with animals, plants not always consume the same amount of nutrients. An easy to understand example:

The same way a recently sprout seed does not require the same amount of nutrients than a 3 meter tall plant, a plant that just started flowering won't need the same amount of nutrients that one that it's in advanced flowering phase.

It is important for you to understand this to don't cause nutrient-locks in your plants, so they can develope healthy and strong. Always begin with a low dose of bloom nutrients and raise it as weeks pass by (when plants show their flowers are developing).

¿When should I start feeding my plants with Bloom A+B?

Once of the most common mistakes growing indoors is to substitute the use of grow nutrients for bloom nutrients the day you change the photoperiod to 12/12. Plants don't change their needings from one day to the next. Cannabis plants precise to adapt to the new time schedule to change the internal functions so their needings.

Said this, what's important is to begin feeding your plants with the bloom nutrients once plants have finished the transition stage to 12/12 and show that have started flowering stage. What a nice theory right, but then... How do I know that transition has finished and my plants are already in flowering mode? The optimal moment to start sourcing your plants with bloom nutrients is when you notice your plants are showing pistils in their tops. being more specific, 4-5 after detecting first pistils in plant's tops. This way you'll be sure your plants are already in bloom phase so begin needing specific nutrients.

Recommendations for Athena bloom nutrients use

  • Always shake well bottles before use.
  • Keep your measurement instrument clean after use and never introduce them in the bottles. This could cause impurities in product.
  • Even if you follow Athena feeding schedule, always check the pH and EC of your nutrient solution to avoid problems.
  • Never mix content of A with content of B. Always dillute A in water and then add B.

Characteristics of Athena Bloom Blend Line

Type: 2-part liquid bloom fertilizer (A+B).

For: Flowering stage of plants. Suitable for growing in soil, coco and hydroponics.

Use: During all stages of bloom until flushing period.

Dosage: 0,5-1,85 ml/L (of each compound).

Why should I purchase Athena Bloom A+B: Final reviews

Athena Bloom is probably one of the best 2-part nutrients for flowering stage. Why? Because not only sources plants with a balanced mix of nutrients that cover all plant's needings. It's also responsible of improving yields, size and density of flowers, besides enhancing taste and aroma.

The fact is after years growing, it is not easy to surprise us and these products got the job done. From them we would like to highlight their ease of use and quick results (plants show changes in few days). If the improvements in yields are notorious, what we found even more interesting is that it goes by hand of a better taste and flavor, that become more intense.

Another interesting detail we found is how fast plants get rid of the nutrients used once flushing. This data is shown once in flushing period where plants start fading just after you stop feeding them (what shortens a lot the final process). To mention this is only possible when you work with best quality raw ingredients.

Also overstanding is the high concentration of the product (dosages are half the ones used by other brands). This detail will be specially important if you value discretion, as you will need to move half the volume of product to prepare the same nutrient solution. Also interesting for those who like to purchase online, as the weight and volume are usually the two main factors of an expensive shipping.

To sum up: You are probably facing, if not the best, one of the best bloom nutrients in market. Although it's true that nobody can guarantee your results, but properly used these fertilizers get to improve your crop in many aspects. We can not figure a better way to feed plants during flowering phase. Give Athena an oportunity. You will not regret!

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