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Athena Grow A+B is a base nutrient for grow stage, formuled to source plants with all essential minerals for a healthy and vigorous growth. Grow A+B is no doubt one of the more complete and best fertilizers for vegetative phase of plants, that improve their processes to get better performance and developement. Suitable for soil, coco and hydroponics, Grow A+B is probably the best 2-part grow nutrient in market.


¿What's Athena Grow A+B and why is it good for?

The Athena Grow A+B is a 2-part fertilizer specifically formuled for plants in vegetative stage. The formula of Grow A+B gets a perfectly balanced mineral ratios to ease a maximum developement of all functions of plants. Grow A+B improves photosynthetic function, increases stalk sturdiness and enhances healthy and strong root mass growth.

Athena Grow is useful along grow phase of plants, and also during transition to flowering stage, to source plants will all needed elements for a maximum developement. Athena grow prepares plants to get an explosive bloom, helping to improve the yields per crop.

¿How to use Athe Grow nutrients?

  • Athena Grow A+B is a 2-part fertilizer, that must be added to water at equal parts of A and B.
  • Never mix the two compounds pure, always add A to water, stir and then add B.
  • Athe products balance pH so it stays optimal. If your nutrient solution contains products from other brands do not forget to check pH and Ec before proceeding to irrigation.
  • SantYerbasi recommends to keep EC= 1,0-1,2 during growing stage (never higher).
  • Check the pH of your solution once all nutrients and boosters have been added.
  • The recommended pH in hydroponics is 5,5.
  • The recommended pH growing in coco is 5,5-5,8.
  • For plants grown in soil the recommended pH is 5,8-6,0.

Recommended dosages of Athena Grow Blended Line

Athena proposes a dose of Grow A+B between 2-5 ml per Gallon of nutrient solution. What equals to 2-5 ml per 3,78 Liters. How do you feel now?

If you want you can make your maths... Or you can save time trusting ours and use a dose between 0,5 and 1,32 ml/L. You will notice these are very concentrated dosages if compared with fertilizers from competitors.

*Remember: The dose told is of each compount, so if we say 0,5 ml/L it means 0,5 ml/L of A and 0,5 ml/L of B.

Recommended dose of Grow A+B for motherplants

The recommended dosages for motherplants will vary depending on the age of that plant. If we talk about plants that have been kept in vegetative phase for long period the needed dose is 0,8-1 ml/L of nutrient solution.

Dosages of Grow A&B for seedlings and cuttings

When feeding plants in early stages of growth our tip is to use a dose of 0,25-0,5 ml/L. This dose is enough for the first weeks of growing stage, specially when plants are grown in soil (prefertilized medium). For those growers growing in coco or in hydroponics the best will be to use a dosage of 0,5 ml/L.

¿When should I start feeding plants with Grow A+B?

By definition, a grow fertilizers should be added to your nutrient solution along all vegetative stage of plants. So far so good, but... Do you know that you should also add it in transition and early flowering stage?

The proper way of using Grow A`+B (or any other grow nutrient) is add it to the nutrient solution until first flowers appearance (what would be 2nd-3rd week to 12/12).

Is it better to use a high dosage and then plain water than a medium-low dose in every irrigation?

This point brings controversial answers from growers. While some growers choose to alternate the use of nutrients with plain water, some growers prefer to feed their plants every time they water them.

About this controversial, at SantYerbasi we understand plant's feeding the same way we understand huma being feeding: Is better to feed plants with lowers dosages every time you irrigate them than alternate the use of a high dosages with plain water.

Important to understand: If you use a low dose and plant need more you only need to raise it and issue solved. By contrast if you use a high dose and plant gets blocked, your plants will take days, or even weeks to recover.

Recommendations when using Athena Grow A+B fertilizer

  • Hsake the bottle before using.
  • Clean your measurement instruments and never introduce them in the bottle.
  • Even if you follow recommended dosage, always check the pH and EC of your nutrient solution before watering plants. A simple check can save you many problems.
  • Never mix the content in A with the content in B. Always dillute A in water and then add B.

Characteristics of Athena Grow Blend Line products

Type: Liquid 2-part grow fertilizer.

For:Vegetative stage, transition to bloom and early flowering stage. Plants grown in soil, coco and hydroponics

Use: During all growing phase and early bloom stage.

Dosages: 0,5-1,32 ml/L (of each one of the compounds).

Athena Grow A+B final reviews and best price for purchase

No doubt, Athena Grow A+B will become one of the more substantial improvements you will bring to your garden. Not only talking about highly concentrated base nutrients for growing stage, but also the more complete fertilizer for plants in vegetative stage.

The wealth of its balanced formula pays off quickly just looking at plants, showing symptoms of developement and health in few days. The growing ratio is exponential both in the root zone and aereal parts of plants, that quickly acquire large size and strength. We are really surprised how easy they are to use, adn the amount of liters you prepare with each pack of compounds (remember that you must add them at equal parts of A & B).

Regarding its price, you can make your maths. the price of the product itself may seem expensive... Until you notice the dosages you will use are a 20% of the ones used from other brands. Also related to the concentration of the product is how discreet is to move these nutrients (if dosages needed is 1/5 part of the used by competitors, the volume of the cans needed too). In addition if your intention is to purchase Athena nutrients online, the weight of the shipping will be lower too (so the shipping price).

Tu sum up, we are facing top shelf products, that maybe do not guarantee results (no one can) but that properly used can bring better crops, taste and flavor. We can't imagine a better way to feed your plants during grow phase. ¡Athena Grow A+B is here to stay!


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