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Stack by Athena is a grow and bloom booster formuled with seaweed extract. Thanks to the use of kelp extract, Stack is a source of nutrients that improves overall health of plants. Stack increases performance during all stages of growth (vegetative stage and flowering phase). You can use Stack sprayed or preparing a solution to drench the roots in.


¿What's Stack and why is it good to increase yields?

Athena Stackis a source of nutrients formuled with kelp extract. Kelp is a seaweed that carries many essential nutrients for plant's developement besides othe elements like vitamines and aminoacids that boost grow and bloom.

In addition, as it contains vitamines and aminoacids from seaweed, Stack is perfect as an anti-stress agent before transplanting, to improve germination ratio and bring extra plant vigor. what helps stimulating multiple plant processes. This way you get plants better prepared for flowering stage, but also ready to perform at their maximum level like never before.

Advantages and benefits of Stack as energizer and stimulator

As we already explained, Stack is a stimulator with organic base ingredients like kelp, which not only brings B vitamines and aminoacids, but also hormones that play different roles in plant developement.

In-between multiple benefits we like to highlight the following:

  • Stimulate root growth.
  • Increases nutrient uptake capacity.
  • Enhance of vegetative and flowering developement.
  • Reduces stress in plants.
  • Improves final yields of crop in terms of quantity and quality.
  • Plants improve their performance thanks to reaching their maximum genetic potential.
  • Allows you to solve soft lacks of potassium and other micronutrients.
  • Can be foliar sprayed, in direct contact with roots or applied in irrigation.
  • Suitable for manual watering and automatic irrgiation systems.

How and when should I add Athena Stack: Grower's guide

Athena Stack is one of the products that can be used in multiple ways with different purposes, giving great results in all cases. As we explained, Stack can be applied:

  • For precise actions: No matter if foliar sprayed, dilluting a dose in water and drenching roots or seeds in, or applied in irrigation to solve an issue.
  • In recurrent applications: YAs a weekly foliar spray, or added to your nutrient solution (it can even be used every time you water your plants with great benefits).

Types of applications and recommended dosages

As Athena Stack can be used with multiple purposes, results interesting to know that you can use Stack to solve or prevent problems that may occur along growth cycle. These occasional solutions could be to improve germination ratio, to enhace root developement, before transplanting, to increase flower formation, developement or resin production...

Remember that Athena recommends using Stack from the last week of vegetative stage.

Recommended dosages of in irrigation and for root drench

Once you have added all your nutrients to nutrient solution and the pH has been adjusted you can add a dose of 0,25-0,5 ml/L of Stack and proceed watering. Remember that you must use this solution in a maximum of 12h once prepared.

Tip: If you pretend to add Stack to your reservoir use a water pump to keep the solution in constant movement to avoid issues.

Dose of Stack in foliar spray

Stack brings great results in foliar sprays, improving plant's health so quick. This type of use can be optimal for: Motherplants that have been kept for long in vegetative stage and are exhausted, cuttings and seedlings during their first stages of growth, or even for plants in growing stage and flowering stage that could benefit from kelp extract properties

For a proper use of the product sprayed use a dose of 1,85 ml/L of Stack and spray your plants once per week.


  • It is recommended to spray your plants in hours of low light intensity to avoid leaf burns.
  • Never spray your plants after the third week of bloom (if you want to keep feeding your plants with it do it through irrigation).

Dosages before transplanting

Besides being a stimulator and booster, Stack is a great remedy to prevent and solve defficiencies in plants.

As you already know, transplant is a stress that should be minimized so your plants don't suffer and recover their growth ratio as soon as possible. In addition, Stack increases vigor of plants so it will be double benefit to use it.

According to this aspect, it can be useful to treat your root system with Stack before proceeding to transplant. You can do it following 2 different methods (and a 3rd one that we'll share with you for free as a tip):

  1. Prepare a solution with a dose of 0,5 ml/L of Stack and drench roots in the solution for 30-60 seconds before transplanting.
  2. Once the transplant has been done, proceed with plant irrigation with a solution of 0,5 ml/L of Stack.

Tip from an expert grower: Probably most of you would have done it anyway but we like to share with you how we do things. In this case proceed with the first method, and then use the solution you prepared to irrigate plants after transplanting. This way roots not only get in direct contact with the solution, but they also get more from that solution uptaking it from growing medium.

Dose of Stack to improve seed germination

NO matter if your seedstock is old or fresh, the use of Stack will improve seed germination ratio, besides supplementing plants with more elements that turn into more growth vigor.

Prepare a solution with 1ml/L of Stack and soak seeds in for 1-2 minutes before planting.

¿When should I add Stack as grow stimulator?

You can use Stack as seed treatment, before transplanting or even during all stages of vegetative phase, to prevent or solve lacks of nutrients.

It is important to add Stack to your nutrient solution the week before flipping plants to flowering stage.

¿Can Stack help me boost flowering?

Yes, and is specially during flowering phase when you will notice more benefits from Stack use, with plants that show more vigor, develope more amounts of flowers, of bigger size, coated with mroe resin.

Add Stack to the nutrient solution during first 4-5 weeks of bloom, or once plants have stopped their vertical growth.

Characteristics of Athena Stack booster

Type: Rveitalizer, in addition to grow and bloom booster.

For: Increase grow vigor, enhace flower formation and boost flowering, and to prevent or solve lack of potassium.

Use: In seed germination, transplanting, defficiency solving, boost grow and bloom and as flowering enhancer.

Dosages: 0,25-1,85 ml/L (depending on the type of application).

NPK: 0-0-1.

Soluble potash (K2O): 1%

Derived from: Kelp extract.

Final reviews and why you should purchase Athena Stack

With Stack you are facing another of Athena complements for their base nutrients. From our point of view, one of the best boosters you can use.


Because the benefits you get from seaweed go furthern beyond than one feature, but source your plants with multiple advantages that help getting higher performance in all stages of growth.

This means you will notice clear improvements not only in certain moments of the cycle, but also in general with plants that are more vigorous, that show out healthier adn are able to deliver higher yields, besides better quality.

In addition this is a high concentrated product, so you can prepare many liters of nutrient solution, therefore has a very cheap cost of liter of nutrient solution. To sum up, a great product you can not skip trying, specially if you seek increasing your plant's perfornance.


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