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Auto 00 Cheese-5 seeds

Auto 00 Cheese seeds by 00Seeds are the autoflowering version from their popular 00 Cheese. 00 Cheese Auto marijuana plants develope quickly, being ready to harvest 70 days after germination occur, with a medium to high yields, and heights up to 1 meter indoors, and up to 1,5 meters outdoors. Auto 00 Cheese is a plant with great flavours, and an intense cured cheese taste. In the garden 00 Cheese Automatic has a large bud production, with great amounts of resin.

Auto 00 Cheese cannabis isa strain created by crossing a UL Cheese with a selected rudelaris strain that brings the autoflowering gene.

Thanks to its quick developement of this strain, she is able to be reayd to harvest 70 days after germiantion, with a more than satisfactory results (medium-high yields) and a medium height, under a meter indoors and 1,5 meters outdoors in good conditions.

00 Cheese Automatic seeds can be grown along all year indoors, and it is recommended just to grow them from April to November outdoors, due to the better conditions, specially avoiding low temps at night time that may decrease its yields.

Being an autoflowering strain, it is recommended to use 15 liter pots, with a high quality soft substrate, in combination with a good root booster to get better performance.

00 Cheese Auto is an easy to grow strain, that can produce great amounts of buds, even in less experienced hands.

Auto 00 Cheese characteristics

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

Genetics: 00 Cheese x Rudelaris.

Harvest: 60-70 days from germination.

Yields: 450 g/sqm.

Taste: Cheese.

Effect: Relaxing.

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