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Biohazard Seeds Auto 4:20 seeds produce one of the largest yielding autoflowering plants in market. Auto 4.20 marijuana strain is easy to grow, even for less experienced growers, being a crossing between two well-known strains like Deimos and Auto Mazar. Auto 4-20 cannabis flowers have a sweet taste, leaving a relaxing and pleasant effect to tokers.

Auto 4:20 is everything you can expect from an autoflowering strain. Quickness, yields, taste, flavour, large amounts of resin, ease of growing... It is not weird, thanks to parentals used in this cross (Deimos and Auto Mazar).

Auto 4:20, as it happens with latest generations of autoflowering plants, brings out its largest yields when grown in a 15-20 liters container, being not friendly of transplants (better place the seedling directly into the big pot), being possible to grow her indoors, outdoors, in soil, coco, or even in hydroponic systems. In cases where a discreet strain is needed when can also use smaller containers (7-10 liters), what actually will reduce its growth (even it will also decrease its yielding options).

Auto 4:20 cannabis plants usually stay in vegetative stage for 4 weeks before starting to flower, finishing its flowering period in 45-55 days (since begining of flowering stage). This packs a strain that will be ready to harvest 75 days after germination occurs. The effect of its flowers is relaxing, leaving a pleasant and wellness fealing. the taste is sweet, with tones of acid at last.

Auto 4:20 is suitable for humid areas, because she is very resistant against mold, what brings growers the possibility to get top quality crops, in places where other strains are consumed by pests.Auto 4:20 Biohazard Seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

Genetics: Deimos x Auto Mazar.

Flowering time: 45-55 days.

Harvest: 75 days from germination.

Taste: Sweet.

Flavour: Hash.

Effect: Relaxing.

THC: 10-15 %.

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