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Dutch Passion Auto Banana Blaze seeds are an autoflowering strain born from a crossing Banana Blaze x Auto Mazar. These XL autoflower genetics get a bigger size and overall final yields. Auto Banana Blaze is ready to harvest in 11-12 weeks from germination (depending on each phenotype). If you like fruity strains, and grow all year long ¡Auto Banana Blaze is your best choice!

Genetics of Auto Banana Blaze strain

Auto Banana Blaze is the autoflowering version of Banana Blaze., got from a crossing Banana Blaze x Auto Mazar. These are autoflowering genetics that are ready to harvest in 11-12 weeks form germination, with an abondant flower production, high potency, and sweet and fruity taste that reminds to banana.

This strain is easy to grow (herency from photodependant Banana Blaze), and does not need any special attention to get good yields in every crop.

Banana Blaze Autoflowering seeds

Auto Banana Blaze seeds come out in indica dominant plants, with a robust structure in christmas tree shape, with dense and thick nugs, coated with copious amounts of resin. This is an autoflowering strain that can be grown in any climate, as it tolerates good temperatures lower than average.

Banana Blaze Autoflowering plants grow for 4-5 weeks before begining to flower, what occurs so fast. Once plants start forming their first flower spots grower will notice a very quick developement, getting large flowers, with nice appeal, coated with fruity flavoured resin.

Banana Blaze Auto growth

As we already explained, the vegetative stage of this strain takes 4-5 weeks from germination. In this case, as it happens with other autoflowering strains, it is recommended to pant them directly into the big pot, and always use fresh soft and spongy growing medium, to allow a quick root developement.

As long as autoflowering plants have a determined growing stage, bigger the plant you'll get larger the yields will get. That's why from SantYerbasi we aim growers to use root and grow boosters (becasuse they are even more important for autoflowering strains than bloom boosters).

Dutch Passion Auto Banana Blaze in bloom stage

The flowering period of an autoflowering strain begins at the right moment plant stops growing and shows its first pistils. From that moment plant will put all its effords and energy in creating and developing flowers. In this certain case Auto Banana Blaze takes 6-8 weeks since it starts to flower until it is ready to harvest (some phenotypes are quicker than others, being the long ones the best yielders).

Even though Auto Banana Blaze it's not a genetics that precise too much attention, it is recommended to check the amount of nutrients and boosters added to your nutrient solution before proceeding to water plants. Being a quick flowering strain, any error preparing the solution could cause problems difficult to solve in short term, that could make a huge decreasing in final yields.

Banana Blaze Auto yields

Auto Banana Blazeis a strain that sources growers with heavy yields, besides don't needing too much attention from grower, what makes it suitable for those less experienced growers, and for those who don't have much time to take care of their plants.

As we have commented there are processes and products that might help increase the yields per crop, like a good root stimulator, or a soft and spongy substrate, or avoid transplanting (what could caus a high stress in plants, turning in smaller plants with lower yields). Beyond these tips, Auto Banana Blaze could yield up to 150 grams per plant outdoors, and up to 500 g per sqm indoors.

These are discreet plants that don't grow taller than 1 meter, with most individuals over 75 cm. Its structure is compact with a good main cola, what favors heavy yields, besides making from it a great choice for SOG gardens.

The only detail to keep in mind is to maintain RH under 50% to avoid any mold appearance.

Banana Blaze Automatic taste and flavor

Auto Banana Blaze takes all the taste and flavor from its photodependant sister, with an intense sweet and fruity taste, and a tropical aroma that reminds banana. A great clame for growers and tokers. In the garden you'll notice a powerful odor, so it is recommended the use of good odor filters to completelly remove smell released by plants.

The fragance of the buds is fruity, creamy and sweet, while its taste in mouth is fruity.

Effect Auto Banana Blaze cannabis flowers

Auto Banana Blaze has very high levels of THC, and this takes an important role in its indica effect, with an amazing relaxing buzz. It has a great balance between physical effect and mind effect, what asures you to relax and rest after long journeys.

In addition the wide variety of terpenes will leave you euphoric and satisfied.

Grow tips for Auto Banana Blaze

The first tip we can give you for this strain is it is ideal for those null or less experienced growers, and for those who have tried before, but never got a good quality crop. Auto Banana Blaze is a strain easy to grow, that will reward you with good yields always.

Auto Banana Blaze doesn't need any specific technique nor growing method, so it is recommended to let her grow naturally in christmas tree shaped-form. This tip is valid for growing outdoors, and indoor grown in a Sea Of Green garden (as its structure will create large main colas with good side-branching that will help increase final yields).

Talking about tips for growing, we already commented that the best way to enhance grow and flower of an autoflowering strain is to grow them in soft and spongy substrates like coco, in which roots will colonize quickly the growing medium, and plants will become bigger.

Another key factor is never to transplant an autoflowering strain. The stress caused by transplant causes a loss in vegetative days (much needed to get big plants) as plants will stop growing for 3-5 days that won't be recovered.

Long story short, all growing method that could slow down the grow capacity should be avoid, and we highly encourage you to don't prune autoflowering strains.

Dutch Passion Auto Banana Blaze characteristics

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Indica dominant autoflowering.

Genetics: Banana Blaze x Auto Mazar.

Flowering period: 6-7 weeks.

Harvest: 12 weeks from germination.

Yields: High.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Fruity.

Effect: Powerful and relaxing.

THC: Very high.

CBC: 0,16%.

CBG: 1,48%.

Auto Banana Blaze reviews and price

Looking to nowadays offer, it is hard to find a seedbak releasing a new strain that surprises with whatever new never seen before. In this case the origin of Banana Blaze it's not new, as it comes from a genetics from the 90s kept during years. The new is this Banana Blaze is available in autoflowering seeds form.

What's truly a surprise is to find an autoflowering strain with high yields, and a quality, taste and flavor that deserve a prize in any cannabis cup. We really liked how easy it is to grow her, and how discreet plants are. It is perfect for a balcony or terrace due it height, with plants not growing higher than 1 meter tall.

In addition, its price it's very competitive for an autoflowering strain with these special and valued  characteristics. ¡In this case BRAVO for Dutch Passion!

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