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Auto Chingón is another autoflowering strain by Biohazard Seeds that overstands by its ease of growth and heavy yields, besides its top grade quality, flavour and taste of its crops. Auto Chingón marijuana has a sweet taste, leaving a pleasant and relaxing effect when consuming. A very good strains to grow indoors and outdoors, with an overall height up tp 8'-120 cm.

We are in front of another autoflowering jewel, got by Biohazard Seeds breeders, who crossed their Somachigun Auto with a Deimos, getting a uniform offspring of plants that vegetate for 4 weeks, before begining to flower, with a total period from germination to harvest of 75 days.

Auto Chingón cannabis plants show its full potential when grown in 17 liter pots, getting heghts up to 1,20 meters, and yield that can reach 120 grams per plant (outdoors), or 450 grams per sqm (indoors). Indoors it can be grown all year long whitout problems (we recommend a 20/4 photoperiod), while outdoors we'll get its best returns when grown between April and November.

This genectis is ideal for less experienced growers, because it forgives grower's errors as anyone else, bringing a top quality crop, with a fruity aroma, and a sweet and spicy taste, and a relaxing and pleasant effect.

Auto Chingón Biohazard Seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

Genetics: Auto Somachigun x Deimos.

Flowering time: 45-55 days.

Harvest: 75 days from germination

Yield: Large.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Fruity.

Effect: Relaxing.

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