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Auto Desfran Dutch Passion offers the most sativa of its genetics, now available in an automatic version. Achieve a superior yield of sativa-dominant autoflowers in record time. You will be surprised by the speed of cultivation and the contained height of vigorous plants.

Auto Desfran may interest you for:

Its almost purely sativa characteristics whose effect is very appreciable.

Its resistance and ease of cultivation.

Its good production of resinous flowers with a unique aroma.

Genetics of Auto Desfran

Auto Desfran seeds were obtained by bringing the autoflowering gene to Dutch Passion's famous Desfran through the Auto Daiquiri Lime strain, also sativa-dominant. So the ultimate automatic sativa was born! Its growing cycle will be longer than the average autoflowering strain but still shorter than its photo-dependent version.

Growth of Auto Desfran

Although Auto Desfran's genetics lean more towards the sativa side, the plants it produces remain contained in size, rarely exceeding one meter. They are sturdy and resistant to both insects and mold. Its foliage is typical of its provenance: its leaves are long and thin. Dutch Passion created this strain to provide access to the benefits of sativas without having to deal with their drawbacks (such as height, lack of flower compactness, unpredictability, etc). Beginners now have access to this type of genetics effortlessly and in a shortened period.

Flowering plants of Auto Desfran

The flowers of Auto Desfran have a very correct leaf/flower relationship, which also facilitates the work of manicure once the harvest has been completed. After 13 weeks from the seed germination, and up to a maximum of 15 weeks, Auto Desfran will create rather firm and above all tasty flowers, whose effect is unique. Some phenotypes tend to turn purple, bringing a nice splash of color to your grow.

Production of the Auto Desfran variety

On balance, the Auto Desfran is very satisfactory. It out-yields not only the average autoflower but also the sativa. You will easily obtain in the 500 grams per square meter for the most careful and outdoors it can produce up to 100 grams per specimen, knowing that the yield is optimal in hot regions or under a greenhouse.

Flavor and aroma of Auto Desfran

The flavors of Auto Desfran will delight you. They are mostly fruity and sweet, with an earthy edge reminiscent of Skunk strains. By smoking or vaporizing it we can recognize a taste of apple and pear, tropical fruits and even lemon. A delicious smoothie ready to invigorate you for many hours. Its aroma is particular, you will not find it so easily in other genetics.

Effect by consuming Auto Desfran

The effect is mainly mental, your body will be relaxed but not weighed down and you can stay active for a social event or a creative session where you will find inspiration and concentration. Auto Desfran makes you euphoric and keeps your mind clear and positive. It is especially suitable for regulars and gives you a taste of what a pure sativa can do when consumed. It's an amazing experience not to be missed!

Tips for growing Auto Desfran

You should know by now that autoflowers are usually never repotted or pruned. They are placed in their final pot to avoid all kinds of stress that could affect its production. Its cultivation period is pre-determined and the slightest manipulation results in a loss of yield since the slowdown caused cannot be recovered. Opt for SOG crops instead. Good nutrients and additives as well as an ideal climate will do the needful.

Characteristics of Auto Desfran seeds

  • Gender: Feminized.
  • Genotype: Autoflowering.
  • Genetics: Desfrán x Auto Daiquiri Lime.
  • Flowering: 13-15 weeks from germination.
  • Indoor production: 450-500gsm.
  • Outdoor production: 25-100g/plant.
  • Indoor height: 80-100cm.
  • Outdoor height: 100-110cm.
  • Flavor: Pear, apple, lemon, tropical fruit.
  • Aroma: Fruity, earthy.
  • Effect: Euphoric, energetic, creative.
  • THC: 18%.

Dutch Passion Auto Desfran Review

Auto Desfran is one of the few sativa dominants that combines so many qualities and has been transformed into an automatic plant. The most curious or lovers of this kind of genetics will be more than happy to be able to approach so closely a variety that perfectly expresses all the sativa sides, even being simplified for its cultivation! So don't wait any longer and get this little gem from Dutch Passion.Characteristics of Auto Desfran seeds

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