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Auto Diesel cannabis strain, is the only autoflowerign strain with authentic charcateristics from the originasl Diesel. This strain has good yields, in only 70 days from germination. The smell from Diesel reminds you to citrus and fuel, with a sativa effect. At the end of flowering time, Auto Diesel, turns its leaves colors to purple, making it visible in any garden.

In our view the only truly automatic character Diesel , after comparing it with the results obtained by other banks. It took three backcrosses to obtain a variety 100% car and had the unmistakable character of our original plant. The result is an automatic producing about 30 g, in only 70 days. We are proud to offer this delícia.

In this variety appears green citrus smell mixed with the unmistakable smell of fuel, to which it owes its name this variety. Its leaves are characterized by short and wide despite having an effect closer to the sativa than indica. Its flowers take golds and their leaves become purple at the end of the flowering cycle, which is a delight to behold.

Within the range, the specimens are very uniform which makes it an excellent choice for crops with Sea of Green .
Additional information

    Collection: Autoflowering
    Genotype: Stabilized Hybrid
    Indoor: 9-10 weeks
    Exterior: all year
    Production: Media
    Effect: Cerebral / Powerful
    Odor: Citrus / Fresh / Fuel
    Taste: Sweet / Grapefruit

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