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Let yourself be enchanted by this queen of the night. Auto Night Queen will delight you with its Afghani hashish flavors and high production of resin-shiny flowers.

You may be interested in Auto Night Queen genetics for:

    • Its high production of very compact flowers and resin rich in terpenes.
    • Its typical oriental flavors that you can't live without.
    • Its cycle speed which does not lose any yield.

What cannabis strains make up Auto Night Queen?

Auto Night Queen seeds come from Dutch Passion's photo-dependent Night Queen, a cannabis cup winner with above average resin and THC production. It is part of the Kush family of genetics with such a recognizable taste. To make it autoflowering, the breeders at this seed bank crossed it with an Auto Mazar "Mazar-i-Sharif", an indica-dominant hybrid. Its genes have brought the rapidity of cultivation and the compactness of plants and flowers, offering a quality harvest in a very short time.

Auto Night Queen plants growing and flowering

Auto Night Queen offers great ease and speed of cultivation. This variety adapts to all substrates, nutrients, techniques and to all growers, from beginners to the most expert. It develops low plants and well supplied with secondary branches that will fill with very dense flowers. They will not exceed the meter. Its genetics guarantee robust plants that remain sensitive to high humidity due to their contained size and heavy flowers. In just 10 weeks from the seed germinated, you will have big flowers covered in endless sticky trichomes that will add great extraction feedback to your end result. The leaf-flower relationship is perfect, it allows you to harvest with ease.

Production of Auto Night Queen marijuana seeds

Under the best conditions, Auto Night Queen produces an average of 500 grams per square meter indoors, which is excellent considering its small size. The most experienced can even aim for 600 grams. Outdoors, in the sunniest places, it provides up to 150 grams per specimen. On the other hand, its resin production is colossal and it contains a high level of THC which sometimes exceeds 20%. It will delight lovers of extractions with a good taste of the Orient. The quality of the flowers obtained is worthy of the best photo-dependent and its appearance will delight all connoisseurs.

What are the flavors and aromas of Dutch Passion Auto Night Queen?

The Auto Night Queen marijuana strain is a worthy representative of Afghan flavors, one of the birthplaces of this beloved plant. These are earthy tastes, a mixture of incense and slightly fruity pine that we find in particular in the majority of hashish. These distinctive aromas are generally appreciated by the majority of consumers. Immerse yourself in an Arabian Nights atmosphere with this delicious Auto Night Queen.

Effects of the Auto Night Queen variety in consumption

Auto Night Queen hits hard and long. It brings extreme relaxation, which will help you sleep or regain your appetite. Do not plan to be very active after consuming it, it adapts rather to moments of break when the user seeks to disconnect and greatly relieve his body and mind in a lasting way. Its high THC level will make you fly away from your worries and other pains, it is the ultimate effect of cannabis that shows here all its power and presence.

Some tips to optimize the cultivation of Auto Night Queen

The most accustomed know that it is preferable to plant the germinated seed directly in its definitive pot. Here you can opt for containers of 20-25L to optimize the development of this fast variety. The most suitable lighting throughout the cycle is 20 hours of light. It is perfect for growing on sunny balconies, beware of the first autumn rains from which it will appreciate being protected. Indoors or in a greenhouse, good ventilation is essential if you do not want to ruin your harvest with flowers affected by mould. Also avoid defoliating it, it will need all its foliage to provide maximum energy during the cultivation process.

Our opinion on Auto Night Queen cannabis genetics

Auto Night Queen cannabis plants will once again amaze the most skeptical of auto genetics. Dutch Passion are masters in finding autoflowers that rival photo-dependent seeds. This seed bank has been trying in recent years to facilitate and make self-cultivation accessible to as many people as possible. The example of this crossing is the proof, the Auto Night Queen is fast, ultra-productive but also delicious to consume. It will give you a taste of Kush strains in all their glory.

Auto Night Queen Dutch Passion seeds characteristics:

  • Gender: Feminized.
  • Genotype: Indica-dominant autoflowering.
  • Genetics: Auto Mazar x (Night Queen x Mazar-i-Sharif).
  • Harvest: 10 weeks from germination.
  • Indoor production: 450-500g/m2.
  • Outdoor production: 100-150g/plant.
  • Indoor height: 50-70cm.
  • Outdoor height: 100cm.
  • Flavor: Incense, pine.
  • Aroma: Earthy, fruity.
  • Effect: Powerful, long-lasting, mentally and physically relaxing.
  • THC: 15-20%.
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