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Auto Power cannabis seeds are the first autoflowering strain that appeared in market by Biohazard Seeds. Auto Power marijuana plants are a hybrid Rudelaris x Northern Lights, that can reach up to 1 meter height, with an average yield of 75 grams per plant. The aroma of its flowers is afghani, with a sweet and musky.

Auto Power is an autoflowering strain that stays in vegetative stage for 2-3 weeks before begining to flower, finishing its whole cycle in 75 from germination.

In this record time, Auto Power seeds are able to reach up to 1 meter heght, and produce 25-75 grams per plant depending on growing conditions (indoors and outdoors).

Indoors it is ideal to use a 20/4 photoperiod, and 10L pots, to get best results. Outdoors, it resists good those long journeys of sunlight, being a strain also resistant against pests and mold.

The structure of Auto Power is ideal for SOG type of gardens, thanks to its good side-branching and its large main cola.

Auto Power Biohazard Seeds

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

Genetics: Rudelaris x Northern Lights.

Flowering period: 45-55 days.

Harvest: 75 days from germination.

Yield: Medium.

Taste: Sweet.

Aroma: Afghani.

Effect: Relajante.

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