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The autoflowering version of the famous Power Plant is finally available! This strain with its origins in South Africa appeared in the 90s and remains trendy due to its great vigor and its ubiquity in Dutch coffee shops. Obtain this cannabis legend with ease.

The Auto Power Plant may interest you for:

  • Its great vigor ensures a very good yield and unparalleled ease of cultivation.
  • Its complex and delicious aroma will take you back decades to the streets of Amsterdam.
  • His production is explosive and very close to his photo-dependent version.

Auto Power Plant Genetics

Dutch Passion used two of their strains to have an auto version of the Power Plant. To add the autoflowering genes to this must-have genetics, the breeders crossed it with their Auto Think Different which pairs perfectly. Here, two living legends of cannabis strains have been used and brought up to date in this tasty and productive version.

Growing Autoflowering Power Plants

Auto Power Plant plants will outsize the average autoflower, which is a good sign for the final harvest. They will not exceed 130 cm but the smallest will be at least 75 cm. It will give hardy and resilient specimens, seriously approaching the results of the original Power Plant and which can withstand the weight of the harvest and overcome attacks or diseases. All the vigor of the old school strains has been preserved.

Flowering of the Auto Power Plant

The Auto Power Plant enjoys sunny locations outdoors to deliver its maximum potential. It will give long flowers whose leaf/flower ratio is very correct and will facilitate the work of manicure once the harvest comes. In about 12 weeks you will get beautiful resinous flowers that are perfectly faithful to their photo-dependent cousin.

Production of Auto Power Plant genetics

The production of the Auto Power Plant is called "XXL". More and more autoflowering strains are claiming to be able to produce almost as much as the original versions, here we're getting seriously close since the Power Plant is already a huge producer. In the right conditions it will reach 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 250 grams per plant if you are growing outdoors.

Flavor and aroma of Auto Power Plant flowers

This is the most awaited moment of all, that of tasting the fruit of your harvest. By consuming the Auto Power Plant you will perceive an earthy and spicy whole, punctuated by floral and fruity notes with a slight sweetness. We can recognize the flavor of pine, vanilla or even lilac for some, these three flavors representing the terpene tendency of this plant. It is a complex but effective mixture that does honor to the strains of twenty or thirty years ago.

Effect of Dutch Passion Auto Power Plant

The sativa dominance will mainly play on the effect of the Auto Power Plant, which will be both physical but above all mental. It is going to be energetic and almost euphoric, perfect for any activity or social gathering. Forget your worries and focus on the positive in everyday life, the most creative among us will appreciate the state in which this strain plunges us.

Tips for growing Auto Power Plants

Being plants that tend to grow upwards, it is advisable to practice some techniques to control the height. On the one hand you will be able to acquire space or be more discreet, but the performance will only be better. LST or SCROG techniques lend themselves well to autoflowers that stretch too much. As far as pruning (FIM, apical or defoliation) is concerned, we recommend not to do any since the autos are harmed by these manipulations and you will lose in final yield. Finally, it is better to plant your germinated seed directly in its final pot because repotting could also slow down development.

Characteristics of Auto Power Plant seeds

  • Gender: Feminized.
  • Genotype: Sativa-dominant autoflowers.
  • Genetics: Power Plant x Auto Think Different.
  • Flowering: 12 weeks from germination.
  • Indoor production: 500-600g/m2.
  • Outdoor production: 25-250g/plant.
  • Height: 75-130cm.
  • Flavor: Vanilla, Lilac, Pine.
  • Aroma: Earthy, spicy, floral, sweet.
  • Effect: Euphoric, energetic, mental.
  • THC: Very high.

Auto Power Plant Strain Reviews

At SantYerbasi we are very happy to see the reappearance of these legendary strains that have made the European cannabis scene famous, especially from Holland where the legislation is more flexible. Instead of imagining the flavors of yesteryear told by the oldest smokers, you can taste it yourself and form your own opinion! On top of that, you are guaranteed to find stable and resilient genetics of which Dutch Passion's Auto Power Plant is one.

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