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Auto Widow marijuana strain, by CBD Seeds seedbank, is the first autoflowering hybrid, from this seedbank. To bring this strain to market, CBD Seeds' breeder have worked hard to stabilize the best characteristics from White Widow, together with automatic genes from Rudelaris. Auto Widow has a strong effect, with sweet and woody taste. Auto Widow can be grown all year long outdoors.

This was our first flowering variety. Result of crossing and stabilize two of the best individuals automatic sought a variety that might provide the taste and odor characteristics which in our judgment, was missing. This was achieved with the Widow, producer of heavy flowers, and a relatively short flowering period. This variety, which is usually within a long branch, forms a central club 25/40 cm.

Completely covered with crystals. Its strong effect, we bring to the palate a sweetish flavors of wood, pine and licorice.
Additional information

    Collection: Autoflowering
    Genotype: Stabilized Hybrid
    Indoor: 9-10 weeks
    Exterior: all year
    Production: Media
    Effect: Balanced / Physical / Mental
    Odor: Citrus / touches wood
    Taste: Citrus / Sweet

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