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Dutch Passion presents its Auto Xtreme for lovers of Haze flavors who want to combine productivity with the speed of growing marijuana.

The highlights of the Auto Xtreme:

  • All the greatness of a Haze in an essential auto version
  • XL productivity among the best of these genetics
  • Great resistance and ease of cultivation, indoor and outdoor

What was the origin of the Auto Xtreme strain?

To obtain this genetics, Dutch Passion collaborated for a long time with Dinafem in order to obtain an automatic and stable version of its famous Outlaw Amnesia (Amnesia x Super Haze). The result is an autoflowering strain at its full potential that combines good yield, ease and speed of cultivation, and a delicious Haze flavor.

Auto Xtreme indoor and outdoor cycle

The behavior of Auto Xtreme cannabis plants is typically that of Haze. This is the most faithful autoflowering strain to this cannabis family that has been loved by consumers around the world for decades. The flowers are no exception to the rule and will be compact and long, covered with a thick layer of resin. They will resist high heat and mildew. Both beginners and experts will be surprised by its ease and great resistance.

What production can I expect when growing Auto Xtreme?

Auto Xtreme plants produce an outsized yield for an Auto. Novices can expect from 50 grams per square meter and 100 grams per plant outdoors, but the more experienced will push the scales and get around 500 grams per square meter and up to 500 grams per plant outdoors. With the best conditions in place, the Auto Xtreme cannabis strain will overwhelm you with an XL production of quality flowers.

Flavor and aroma of Dutch Passion Auto Xtreme genetics

The taste of Haze is unique on its own and could be described as a fruity, floral and spicy blend. It reminds us of citrus fruits, mint and slightly Skunk, also specific to itself. If you have ever had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam and its coffee shops, its streets are flooded with the famous aroma of Amnesia Haze. It is thanks to it that this city has acquired this reputation. So prepare to feast!

An Auto with powerful effects

The effects of Auto Xtreme hit hard. They will play at the cerebral level instantly and sustainably. Power does not mean immobility, quite the contrary. This strain of cannabis will give you euphoria and a boost of energy while not numbing your body. Sativa dominance is on display in all its glory.

Auto Xtreme Automatic Strain Grow Tips

Plant your germinated Auto Xtreme seed in its final pot, a pot between 15 and 50L is fine. Consider using a SCROG net or stakes to support the superior production of this genetics. Outdoors, prefer to grow it during the sunniest months, with a pre-growth indoors it could explode its yield.

Our opinion on Auto Xtreme seeds

Have you dreamed of seeing and tasting a Haze strain but are more into autoflowering? Auto Xtreme is the only automatic strain you need. No other represents such recognizable and timeless genetics so well. Get the Auto Xtreme from Dutch Passion and you'll have a legend in your hands.

Features of the Auto Xtreme Dutch Passion:

  • Gender: Feminized.
  • Genotype: Sativa-dominant autoflowering.
  • Genetics: Outlaw Amnesia (Amnesia x Super Haze).
  • Flowering: 11-12 weeks from germination.
  • Indoor production: 500-600g/m2.
  • Outdoor production: 100-500g/plant.
  • Height: 1-1.50m.
  • Flavor: Citrus, Haze.
  • Aroma: Fruity, floral, lemony.
  • Effect: Powerful, long-lasting, euphoric and energizing.
  • THC: High.
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