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Auto Yumbolt cannabis plants, from CBD Seeds, is an autoflowering strain, crossing from the popular Yumbolt, and a selecte dRudelaris strain (that adds the automatic genes). Yumbolt Auto could be grown all year long outdoors, while indoors it flowers in 9-10 weeks, with medium yields of buds loaded with resin.

The mother of this auto-flowering variety (Yumbolt) originated in Afghanistan and was acclimated in the mountains of Humboldt County, California, for over thirty years. It is a genetic kept unchanged for a long time. The father is a copy of Lowryder selected for its resin production and aroma. This auto-flowering blooms populating entire plant buds, which end up being dense clusters of resin coated flowers from the side branches to the main stem.
Additional information

    Collection: Autoflowering
    Genotype: Stabilized Hybrid
    Indoor: 9-10 weeks
    Exterior: all year
    Production: Media
    Effect: Powerful / Psychedelic
    Odor: Moss / Forest
    Taste: Sweetish / Berries

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