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Automatic Fini seeds by Super Strains seedbank are a feminized, and autoflowering, strain, born from a cross between an Ak47 and a selected autoflowering strain. The effect of Automatic Fini marijuana is happy and active, with a musky taste, incensed and sweet. Automatic Fini cannabis plants will be ready in 9-10 weeks after germination, with a heavy flower production.

Automatic Fini is an autoflowering strain with sativa parentals (Ak47), that brings together heavy yields, euphoric effect, and rudelaris genetics.

Automatic Fini plants usually grow for 4 weeks before starting to flower, reaching 80-100 cm, what allows to grow her almost everywhere, being discreet to any neighbour's eyes. The same way it happens with many XL autoflowering strains, it is recommended to use 15-20 liter pots, and not to transplant them.

Automatic Fini is an easy to grow strain, one of those that even in less experienced hand will bring great crops. those who need to guarantee best yields, should use a soft substrate (or coco) and a root booster along all vegetative stage (until it starts flowering). Once she strats flowering it is recommended to use both: a Bloom fertilizer and a Bloom booster every time you water the plants.

Automatic Fini characteristics

Sex: Feminized.

Genotype: Autoflowering.

Genetics: Ak47 x Rudelaris.

Harvest from germination: 9-10 weeks.

Yield: High.

Taste: Sweet.

Effect: Happy and active.

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