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They offer in general a saving of time and a facility of culture without equal and continue especially to evolve and thus to be more and more optimal, until perhaps one day to replace the feminized versions! Here it is about a delicious mixture of Blueberry and Northern Light whose autoflowering genes were added. It gives a plant as beautiful as tasty in a record time.

Genetics of the Baby Boom Auto

To obtain it, the breeders of the research team of Kannabia used a Blueberry with the so typical taste and which brings tones of colors during the bloom which will delight the most contemplative. The genes of Northern Light were added to it, offering more vigor and bringing a fresh touch to the set. To conclude with this crossing, a Ruderalis was used to make of this crossing a plant which starts its bloom automatically.

Growth of the variety Baby Boom Auto

The specimens that develops the genetics Baby Boom Auto are characteristic of indica strains. They are low, compact and discreet plants, with the wide and well furnished foliage. This structure allows you to cultivate it in all peace in front of the curiosity of the neighborhood or the lack of height of the ceiling. We recommend you to plant it directly in its final pot as soon as it has germinated, as autoflowers are easily slowed down if they are transferred from one pot to another. The Baby Boom Auto will develop an extraordinary resistance to insects and mildew, which contributes to its ease of cultivation.

Flowering of the plants of Baby Boom Auto

The distance between nodes of Baby Boom Auto is very short, just like indica. It will provide you a beautiful quantity of dense and perfumed buds in a time of culture of only 60 days maximum, and this since the seed germinated. Its numerous ramifications colonize of long resinous flowers, this strain will return you its best potential when it is exposed to the maximum of light: approximately 20 hours inside and at least 4 hours of direct sun outside. At the end of bloom, this plant acquires ravishing colors in the blue, purple tones which makes it more than attractive.

Production of the Baby Boom Auto

As for the quantity that you will be able to obtain, indoors you can be assured to have at least the 500 grams per square meter that everyone expects. Outside, if the light exposure is well respected and that the few advices we give you below are applied, you will reach the 200 grams per plant without any trouble. It is one of the most productive automatics of the market thanks to the contribution of Northern Light in its genes.

Flavor and aroma of Baby Boom Auto

Its woody flavor is succulent and subtle, it contains touches of pine and wet earth typical of the dense and varied forests of Europe. The genetics of Bluberry will bring a fruity side reminiscent of plum and wild berries, subtly sweetened and without excess, so that you never get tired of this divine taste. The whole evokes a moment suspended in a lost temple of Asia, scented with incense, to make you travel gustatively.

Effect of Baby Boom Auto genetics

Baby Boom Auto plants may be small but their effect is powerful. It is generally balanced between body and mind, offering the perfect deep relaxation at the end of a tiring day. This state is long-lasting and pleasant, relieving you of negative thoughts and lightening your body, which is perfect for the more active among us. Although it has an indica tendency, this effect will also not lock you into a lethargic state that may not be desired depending on the time of day or how you want to use it.

Advice for the culture of the Baby Boom Auto

Remember that autoflowering genetics appreciate the least amount of manipulation possible, namely repotting or pruning of low branches or small flowers. It is thus advisable to use a single pot from the beginning to the end and to let its structure develop naturally, it is only like that which you will avoid the losses of production. On the other hand, this Baby Boom Auto is particular, it is not very greedy and will be satisfied with half the dose recommended by the manufacturer of your fertilizer range. Don't forget to select the sunniest place of your outdoor area, or to program your lamps on 18-20h of lighting.

Characteristics of the Baby Boom Auto

Sex : Feminized.

Genotype : Autoflowering.

Genetics : Northern Lights x Blueberry x Ruderalis.

Flowering : 55-60 days since germination.

Indoor production : 500 g/m².

Outdoor production : 200 g/plant.

Height in inside: 80-110 cm.

Flavor: Fruity, sweet and sour.

Aroma: Pine, earthy

Effect: Long-lasting body relaxation, mental soothing.

THC: Approximately 19%.

Conclusion about Baby Boom Auto seeds

Kannabia joined together two headlights strains of these last years, it is about European genetics which had a frank success among the consumers and which thus ensure the production of robust and productive plants with the flavor without equal. Do not hesitate to try this automatic, whether you are a beginner or an expert with little free time for the general care of the culture, it will delight you in all aspects.

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