The Backpack

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The Abscent Minded Backpack is a heavy-duty first quality bag, prepared for transporting marijuana buds. The Backpack is equiped with a carbon liner in its fabric, so the smell of dried flowers doesn't come out. This backpack against odour is amnufactured with best compounds, like H2O zipper and heavy duty polyester.

The Abscent-Minded Backpack is solid constructed, thought to longlast. This backpack against odours allows to be locked, and is water resistant. Backpack includes a carbon liner that fully iceolates any odour form its inside.

The Backpack has quick-grab handle, and is available in two different colors: Black and Graphite.

Backpack characteristics

Size: 50 cm x 20,5 cm x 48 cm.

Colors: Black or Graphite.

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