Bbagua Reverse Osmosis 3 filters pack

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Bbagua Reverse Osmosis 3 filters pack

Recommendation: Replacement filters for standard reverse ósmsosis 10 "

Duration: 1 year or 10,000 liters

Utility: Double active carbon filtration and 5 micron sediment

January 5 micron sediment cartridge: removal of suspended solids

1 cartridge of granular activated carbon: removes chlorine, organic contaminants, tastes and smells.

One carbon cartridge Bloc: removes chlorine, organic contaminants, tastes and smells.

Other services: osmosis equipment suitable for standard 10 ".

Advice: read the instructions before changing cartridges.

We recommend changing the filter cartridge at least once a year or more frequently, depending on the use of the equipment and quality of water to be treated. The pre-filters (before passing through the membrane) monitoring should be replaced. The quantity and quality of the filtered water affect the life of the filters.
Step 1: Turn off the water flow to the computer input. Step 2: Close the stopcock team pressurized tank. Step 3: Open the tap / dispenser. Put the switch in the locked position (up) and let the water run. Once water stops coming out, then close the faucet / dispenser. CAUTION: ALWAYS FIND WATER WITHIN THE TEAM TO CHANGE THE FILTER Use a container, cloth, etc. connections below to collect the water present. Step 4: With the key of filters, filter base rotate counterclockwise to loosen and remove. Step 5: Remove and discard the old cartridge. Flush the inside of the filters. Step 6: Place the new cartridge and tighten the filter base by turning clockwise. CAUTION: G.A.C. carbon filters have boards on top of the filter, do not interchange positions. The other filters have no top or bottom (not together) and can be placed in any position. CAUTION: Check the seals around the top of the base. Sure they are clean, free of dirt visible and undamaged or bites. Make sure they are properly seated on the gutter before tightening. Step 7: Open the water inlet tap and faucet in fixed position (up). Do not open the key deposit. The first liters of water can be colored black, due to the active coal intended. After closing the tap runs clear. Step 8: Turn on the warehouse for this is filled with clean water and ready to eat. Make sure you have good filters properly screwed
to prevent water leakage, control the team during the next few hours.
The photo will be reflected correspondence of each cartridge with each container of equipment.
PURAGUA SYSTEMS recommends sanitizing perform a reverse osmosis equipment once every 12 months or when changing cartridges, for more information, please call tel.: 937,783,392
Replacement Carbon GAC postfilter
This should be changed every two years, while we change the prefilters for the second time. GAC CARBON Ref GS540310 POSTFILTER
Replacement of the membrane
It is advisable to check the quality of water that gives the membrane once a year and replace if necessary. The approximate duration is 2-3 years. It is considered that 18 months (1.5 years) is a realistic statistical change membranes, but the duration depends on the local water quality, the type of equipment and the use made of this. The prefilters (before the membrane) should be changed to protect it. The quality and quantity of filtered water affects the life of the membrane and of the prefilter.

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