Best nutrients for cannabis


One of the most asked question in-between growers is which are the best nutrients for cannabis growing. In a global market like the one we have today, where we find a neverending list of existing brands, it is difficult to conclude which products are better than others, because there are many factors that could contribute to this statement like, look, taste, smell of the final product, besides yield, usually take an inportant role in the decision of what product to use. today we will talk about best nutrients for marijuana growth, taking a special look to their composition, dose, and cost.

Best nutrients for cannabis are those that source everything necessary to let the plants develope its full potential. When we talk about best fertilizers for cannabis growing we should note some aspects that will help quantifying benefits when using one or another type. Thus when we talk about best nutrients for marijuana we should qualify that multiple techiniques and systems exist, so every fertilizer and booster is thought to get best results in a concrete one.

Marijuana fertilizers are commonly classified in two main groups: Organics (BIO) and Synthetics (Chemical). While some growers prefer to use biological products in their gardens, there are others who choose using chemicals, we get to the point: There are many understandings about which ones are the best nutrients. Every grower is responsible of taking the decision about what fertilizers are best for a certain garden, system or growing method, so from SantYerbasi we won't question the use of one or another, we just want to tell which ones are suitable for a certain system, and why we recommend using one for a certain system/method.


Goals of best nutrients for marijuana

As you may read in previous post of our blog, cannabis is a plant that requires 3 main elements, besides other secondary, for a healthy developement. The most used way, by fertilizing companies, to explain those values is N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium). These numbers are direct reference of the percentage of these elements in a product (so an NPK 6-6-6, in example, means 6% Nitrogen, 6% Phosphorus and 6% Potassium). The proper balance of these elements, and at the same time of other included secondary elements, will make the difference in the reaction we'll get in our plants once applied.

Said this, it is important to tell that best nutrients for growth are not those that show higher values of N-P-K (that's something more about marketing that pretends to make profit from a lack of knowledge of some growers). The best ones usually are those that due its elements quality, equilibrium and capacity to be uptaken by plants, show out a better performance in your garden, what derives in healthier plants, turning into a top grade crop.


Organic nutrients VS Synthetic nutrients

 Today we won't repeat our preferences about origin of nutrients, because it's something we already said in the past, and also because both can work perfectly, when grower has the skills to apply them properly.

In general, benefits of synthetic nutrients are a higher concentration, being products that, due to its formula and compounds, are easily uptaken by plants. On the other hand one of their best benefits is also one of their worst characteristic, as it is easy to over-feed plants deriving in a nutrient-lock.

In the other side of the equation there are organic fertilizers, derived from natural elements and processes, what makes them richer in conatined nutrients (more variety of elements, not only macro, also micro nutrients). these type of fertilizers, usually developed from elements found in mother nature, has a high feeding power, usually slow-releasing, so it actually helps for the mid-long term source of needed elements for plant's developement.

We may find liquid organic ferlizers, or powder fertilizers. If we pretend to free ourselves from maximum work, it would be better to choose the powder ones (which we can mix directly into the substrate, or add them top dressing), but if we like to have full control of what actually our plants are eating we should stay with liquid nutrients.


What cannabis fertilizers should be bought

This is a key point when talking about growing cannabis. Less experienced growers are usually overwhelmed by the amount of information about growing, besides thousand of different products available, so in most of the cases, it turns in a wrong feeding due to the low knowledge about what plants need in each stage of the growing cycle.

Let's go step by step: What is absolutely needed if we plan growing cannabis is give plants all the elements needed (food), and this is achieved by adding a fertilizer (growing fertilizer or blooming fertilizer). So if we want to get a high quality and quality crop, the most important thing is to get both fertilizers (one for growing stage and one for flowering stage). The first will contain higher amounts of Nitrogen (most demanded element along vegetative stage) and the second will contain higher amounts of phosphorus and potassium.

A common error (probaly due the naming of these kind of fertilizers) is to think that a growing fertilizer will be only used along vegetative stage of plants. Even though in flowering stage, plants may need a bloom fertilizer (that helps them feed the flowers so they increase flower's size and density) it will be also needed small amounts of growing fertilizer to keep the leaves green (a must when seeking higher yields).

If we talk about what's a must, we already said that at least we should have fertilizers, but what happens if we pretend to boost or stimulate other processes of plants? The answer is in what's called stimulators, enhacers or boosters.

Stimulators are not food, so they can not be used as an only feeding product for plants. These products are formuled to improve some aspects of plants, favouring, or enhancing, activities done by plants. In-between different types of boosters we can find many, with functions that can vary much, being the most known the root boosters and the bloom stimulators.

To explain this easily, a stimulator works telling the plant what process should it improve, while fertilizers bring them the needed energy to carry out that process. In example, in vegetative stage we join th euse of a root booster and a growing fertilizer, we will get plants with bigger mass root, what will derive in higher nutrient uptaking, so more fertilizer to be used to become bigger plants. At the same time, if we are in flowering stage, using a flowering stimulator will tell the plant to produce more flowers, that will precise of more flowering nutrients to fill them, thicken and become bigger.


Value the quality

How to judge a cannabis fertilizer if we have never used it before? Before proceeding to the purchase of one or another product we heard about, or seen in a magazine, it is important to do some research, noticing what function will it make, what cost will it have, concentration... Sometimes a more expensive product can turn into a cheaper one, so it is important to know it before to don't go spend your money in good-looking canned shit.


Best organic fertilizers for marijuana

It is well-knwon by most growers, that organic nutrients are one of the best options for both: selfgrowing and for comercial scale gardens. The quality of the final product, and also the quality speaks by itself, so they are a great choice no matter if we're growing in containers or in ground, within soil, or coco.


Organic Grow fertilizers for marijuana



Bio Grow

Bio Grow


Biobizz BioGrow is an organic growing fertilizer sold for a cheap price, with a recommended dose of 2-4 ml per liter. Good quality for a good price.





Fish Mix

Fish Mix


Biobizz Fish Mix is a fish emulsion, 100% bio, so concentrated, with a recommended dose of 1-2 ml per liter. Ideal for outdoor growing, good quality, higher concentration.





Alga Grow

Alga Grow


Plagron Alga Grow presents a good quality for a reasonable price and acceptable price.





Bio Vega

Bio Vega


Probably one of our favourites talking about cannabis fertilizers, Bi Vega by Canna is so comlete, quite concentrated, and has a really good ratio price/quality.





Biothrive Grow

Biothrive Grow


One of the unknown by many growers, Biothrive Grow by General Hydroponcis Organics is more concentrated, and offers a high standard quality.





All in One



Aptus All-in-One is a super complete fertilizer that works for the whole cycle of plants 8growing a flowering). It is a complete one, easy to use, concentrated, ideal if we work with boosters.






Worm Castings


Worm castings are a powder-form fertilizer, that brings high amounts of nitrogen, contains humic acids that promote life in substrate, so is perfect for plant's health. It is easy to use, hard (almost impossible) to overdose, and very cheap (you only add it once every 15 days, or premix it in substrate before seeding).








Also in powder form, trabe Nutrihemp is a super powerful fertilizer, and also concentrated (1 kg can be mixed with up to 500 liters of substrate). We've used it and we are really impressed about how good it works, so we definitely think about it like one of the best options in powder form in market.









Organic Bloom fertilizers for cannabis



Bio Bloom

Bio Bloom


If you've been using Biobizz fertilizers along vegetative stage, nothing better that continue with their products in flowering stage, Bio Bloom is a good fertilizer for cannabis that sources enough Phosphorus and Potassium, and also some Nitrogen. If you look for a cheap priced fertilizer, with good results, and good final quality, this is your choice. Dose: 2 to 5 ml/L.





Alga bloom

Alga Bloom


Same way it happens with Biobizz, Plagron offers a quality product, organic, that brings good results. Its recommended dose is bit more concentrated compared with Bio Bloom (2 to 4 ml/L), ensuring a good final result. We recommend to use it combined with Green Sensation and Sugar Royal to maximize results.





Bio flores

Bio Flores


Canna is a brand that represents quality, and a good composition, in any of their products. The same way does Bio Vega, Bio Flores is one of our favourite products to feed our plants. This organic flowering fertilizer not only demonstrates its quality in the garden with great results, it also does once flowers are dry, don't leaving any taste, or traces that could vary the taste of the flowers. Another good point is it dissolves quickly, homogeneous, what actually eases plant's irrigation. Recommended dose: 1 to 4 ml/L.







General Hydroponics Organics is known for their 3-part formula, but it deserves an special atentiton to their organic products. We talk about a top grade flowering fertilizer, good price, and concentrated dose. Dose: 1 to 4 ml/L.






Bat Guano


Bat guano is historically one of the best cannabis fertilizers for flowering stage. It is sold inpowder form, can be mixed in substrate, or top dressed, being possible to be dissolved to produce some tea-brews used to feed our plants. It has a high content of phosphorus and potassium, is highly concentrated (we can easily burn plants down) and brings one of the best results we've ever seen in our own gardens.








 Synthetic Grow nutrients for cannabis


terra vega

Terra Vega


Same way it happens with Bio Vega, Canna Terra Vega is a top quality fertilizer, easy to use, with a trusting formula, that works more than properly. A nutrient for its use in soil that does not give any problem. SantYerbasi's recommended dose: 0,5-3 ml/L.





terra grow

Terra Grow


Plagron Terra products are cheap, and brings great results with a healthy green color that gives you no doubt about it. Recommended dose: 1-4 ml/L.





tnt hesi



Hesi is known for being a fertilizer company offering really cheap prices. Its formula requires additives like Super Vit, but guarantees a good source of nutrients for a really low price. Recommended dose: 1-5 ml/L.





Remo Nutrients



Remo Nutrients Grow is one of the latest addings to our catalogue, but is not casual to list it here, as its 3-part formula (Grow - Micro - Bloom) is super complete, concentrated, and easy to use, bringing great results. Recommended dose: 0,5-1,8 ml/L.





Solotek Grow

Solotek Grow


Grotek offers Solotek fertilizers, as a 1-part nutrient (1 for growing stage and another for blooming stage), super complete and concentrated. The advatages of this fertilizer are high concentration, and ease of use, deriving in a really cheap price of liter of nutrient solution. Recommended dose: 0,5-1 ml/L.








Metrop MR1 is another fertilizer purposing high concentration product, as well as large yielding capacities. We already used it in our test full cycle under LED lights. You can check the results with your own eyes.








 Synthetic Bloom nutrients for marijuana


Terra Bloom

Terra Bloom


Plagron offers this Terra Bloom as a flowering nutrient for plants grown in soil. Its synthtic origin allows it to also be used in coco and NFT systems. Even though Plagron recommends a dose of 1-5 ml/L, our measurements within reverse osmosis water tell us that using 1-3 ml/L is more than enough to reach desired EC.





Terra Flores

Terra Flores


Again Canna in this list. This is a great fertilizer for plants grown in soil, sourcing all macro and micro elements needed by plants to develope vigorous, and produce large crops. If we are using RO water (what we think is a must to get good results) the recommended dose is 1-3 ml/L.






Hesi Soil Bloom Complex


Hesi has always sold products for a cheap price. If our budget is reduced, this Complejo de Floración could be one of the best options for growers. Even though the dose we'll need will be higher compared with other brands, this fertilizer works as good as many others, specially if we also use boosters. If we use Hesi's products we aim you to flush your plants for longer period, so you get rid of the salts used. Recommended dose: 1-5 ml/L.








Remo Nutrients Bloom is a great flowerign fertilizer, and seen the results gotten, probably one of the products in this list that promotes largest yields. It not only gets thicker buds, and heavier crops, it sources everything needed for plant's health, deriving in a superior look and quality of dried flowers. It is a must to use it combined with Micro. Recommended dose: 1-2 ml/L.





Solotek Bloom

Solotek Bloom


As it happens with its Grow brother, this Solotek Bloom by Grotek asures a great result, with plants producing large trychomes, and big buds, with really low effords. Easy to use and concentrated, this canadian brand sets a great quality standard. Recommended dose: 1-2 ml/L.








Maybe Metrop is not the fanciest nor most famous, brand, but sure their customers are one of the most satisfied one, so they keep using it, no matter the price. This means they understand is worth the price, as it is a high concentration product, that works great. We recommend you a dose of 0,5-1 ml/L (and using RO water).




Don't hesitate checking our list of cannabis boosters, to feed your plants and get higher yields