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ATA Organics Bi-Bloombastic is a powerful bloom stimulator with mineral and organic additives from vegetable origin. The use of Bi Bloombastic increases yields and density of flowers, improving also the flavour and appearance, besides a better taste of dried flowers. Bio Bloombastic is a bio-mineral bloom enhacer that should be used along 4-6 last weeks of flowering.

Bi-Bloombastic is a flowering stimulator that increases yields and taste of plants. This is possible thanks to an exclusive additive formula.

Bio Bloombastic should be added to water solution along last 4-6 weeks of flowering stage, to increase plant's sugar production. In addition Bi-Bloombastic increases enzyms production, what ease multiple biological processes.

Another great feature from Atami Bi Bloombastic is its anti-stress function, that improves plant's health increasing vigourosity, and also enhacing inmunitary system.

Using Bi-Bloombastic in your feeding you'll notice bigger, and denser buds, with more resin and flavours. Its NPK composition 0-6-9 brings plants a source of phosphorus and potassium to develope its maximum potential during flowering, improving overall results.

This product is suitable for soil, and coco, gardens, but its not compatible with water irrigation systems.


Bi-Bloombastic ATA Organics

Type: Bloom stimulator.

Format: Liquid.

Composition NPK: 0-6-9.

Use: 4-6 last weeks of flowering.

Dose: 1-2 ml/L.

Size: 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 5L.

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