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Bio 2 Bloom is the organic flowering fertilizer from BioGreen. It contains all the micro and macro nutrients that plants need at this stage of development and adapts to any type of crop.

This concentrated product from BioGreen contains enough potassium and many other elements to maintain healthy plants that will not miss anything. The Bio 2 Bloom contains only quality elements and can be used both in soil, in coco and in hydroponics. Your plants will not suffer from any deficiency and will become resistant to insects and diseases, for better development of your crop. As a result, your harvest will be improved.

Use of Bio 2 Bloom BioGreen

Bio 2 Bloom is used from the 3rd week of flowering, after the stretch period following the change in photoperiod, and until the roots are rinsed. The dosages range from 0.25 ml/L up to 2 ml depending on the stage of flowering. It is used with each watering in little or not fertilized soil and 1 to 3 times a week if your substrate is enriched.

Benefits of Bio 2 Bloom

Your plants are bigger, the production will be increased.

Roots continue to develop and improve nutrient uptake.

Nutrition is complete, avoiding deficiencies and diseases.

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