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Biobizz's Bio Bloom flowering fertilizer is part of their range of basic organic fertilizers that can be supplemented with their various stimulators. It provides plants with a set of nutrients perfectly suited to the cultivation of cannabis.

Main qualities of Bio Bloom Biobizz:

  • Carefully chosen 100% organic ingredients for greater performance.
  • Vigorous and healthy flowering thanks to the contribution of beneficial elements for this growing phase.
  • This basic fertilizer provides ingredients that work in conjunction with the substrate for complete plant nutrition.

Bio Bloom from Biobizz is the perfect flowering fertilizer for all types of growers. It is very suitable for beginners who cannot make mistakes with this low concentration but very effective formula at the time of the flower production stage.

A unique algae-based formula that delivers a 100% organic harvest

Bio Bloom is composed of many micro and macro-nutrients carefully selected by the Biobizz team, one of the leaders in the cannabis fertilizer market. This product contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in ideal quantities for the proper development of flowers. It also adds amino acids, trace elements, enzymes and hormones, all of biological origin. Your plants are valiant and capable of delivering explosive blooms with ease.

Use a dosage between 2 and 4ml per liter of water throughout the flowering phase until the roots are flushed.

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