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Broad-spectrum bio-insecticide, composed of natural pyrethrins that doesn't harm the crop. Ecothrin 5 SC is effective against whitefly, aphids and thrips pests.

Ecothrin 5 SC is a natural insecticide composed of pyrethrins. Pyrethrins are found in the pyrethrum extract of some chrysanthemum flowers.The microencapsulated formulation of the Ecothrin 5 SC insecticide gives greater effectiveness, persistence and the release of the active ingredient is gradual. Ecothrin's active ingredient works against a wide variety of insects such as whiteflies, aphids, leafminer and thrips.

How to use Ecothrin 5 SC in cannabis:

  • It can be applied at any time of the crop, including flowering.
  • Against whitefly, aphids and thrips.
  • Apply as a spray, diluting 0.6-0.9ml/L of water, making 3 applications at intervals of 7 days.
  • Apply in normal spray. It is convenient to wet the crop well.

Applications of Ecothrin 5 SC in agriculture:

  • Aubergine: against potato beetle and whitefly.
  • Indoor plants and roses: against whitefly, aphids and thrips.
  • Tomato: against whitefly and leafminer.

Dosage and method of use:

  • Manual foliar spray application.
  • Aubergine: apply at a dose of 0.6-0.9ml/L of water, making 3 applications every 7 days. Indoor plants and rosebushes: apply at a dose of 0.6ml/L of water, making 2 applications every 7 days.
  • Apply on plants when the plague appears.
  • Tomato: apply at a dose of 0.6-0.9ml/L of water, making 3 applications every 7 days.

Safety delay in tomato and aubergine: 2 days. Indoor plants and roses, not applicable.

Composition: pyrethrins 5% w/v (50g/L).

Authorized for non-professional use.

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