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BioGreen GreenBox is a fertilizers and booster complete set for growers with 1-2 sq. meters. BioGreen Green Box 1m2 includes everything necessary to feed plants during its growing and blooming stage. GreenBox is optimal for growers using Soil, Coco and for Hydroponic Systems.

BioGreen GreenBox is a complete fertilizer and booster kit, that includes everything necessary for a healthy and quick plant development.

BioGreen, known for its high quality products, highly concentrated, offers this GrenBox pack, a box that includes inside all necessary products for a maximum grow and bloom: Root Stimulator, Grow fertilizer, Bloom fertilizer, Resin booster, Bloom booster, calcium and magnesium, and enzymes.

This range of feretilizers and boosters is ideal for plants care, and has a heavy performance, as well as a higher concentration compared with other brands, so every product lasts longer. BioGreen recommends using their products with a dosage of: 0,5-1 ml/l.

BioGreen GreenBox includes:

1x Bio 1 Grow 250 ml

3x Bio 2 Bloom 250 ml

2x Cal Gel 250 ml

1x PK 13/14 250 ml

1x Bio Zym 250 ml

1x X-Rooting Gel 250 ml

1x X-Bloom 250 ml

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