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Bionova K 20 is a liquid potassium supplement. K20 is useful to correct defficiencies of potassium, besides bringing an extra amount of this element during certain stages of growth in which adding a supplemental amount of potassium can be positive. Sourcing your plants with the proper dosage of potassium will help them improve the thickness of flowers and increase the dry-weight of buds.

¿What's Bionova K 20 and why is it good for your plants?

K 20 by Bionova is a liquid potassium additive for plants. K-20 acts as a supplement of potassium to solve lack of this element or to provide plants an extra source of potassium during certain stages of growth.

K20 is a food-grade mineral fertilizer containing a 20% of potassium. Potassium (K) is a crucial macroelement, specially in the rippening phase of plants. It plays an important role in osmose regulation, stomata opening and closisng, protein sinthesys and enzyme functioning. All these roles turn into a larger amount of flowers, improved thickness and more dry-weight.

The main advantage of Bi Nova K20,, compared to other products, is that it's composed with food-grade minerals. thsi composition makes plants directly absorb minerals, giving growers more control over plats, and getting plants to recover from lacks faster.

¿Signs of lack of potassium in weed?

These type of deficiencies are easily detected as plant manifests chlorosis in the edges of the leaves (rims), that end up developing necrosis in advanced phase.

You can add Bio Nova K-20 during all stages of growth to prevent and correct a deficiency of potassium quickly.

Advantages and benefits of K20 Bio Nova

The main advantage of adding K-20 to your nutrient solution is to be able to prevent and correct any lack of potassium easily. Even though the benefits are not only these, they go much further:

  • Can be applied in irrigation or in foliar spray.
  • Improves density and final weight of dried buds.
  • Increases sugar synthesis to improve taste and flavor.
  • Increases strength of stems in humid areas.
  • Enlarges stored flowers life cycle.
  • Improves clones rooting process.

How to use Bionova K-20 to avoid deficiencies

K-20 by Bionova should be added in every irrigation to prevent any lack of potassiumo.

If you notice any deficiency K20 must be added to your nutrient solution until plants recover the expected health.

Can be applied in foliar spray to correct soft deficiencies. It is also useful to spray cuttings along the rooting process if they show lack of potassium (K).

K-20 is a great potassium supplement for late stages of bloom. It should be added everyt time you water your plants, together with all you nutrient schedule.

In motherplants, it is recommended to spray you plants 2-3 days before taking cuttings. This way you will enhance a faster rooting and will generate less stress in clones.

This is a product suitable for any growing medium (soil, coco and hydroponics). It can be used in manual feeding, irrigation systems and foliar sprayed.

Dose of K20 for manual or automatic irrigation systems

  • As a supplement of potassium K2O can be added to your nutrient solution at a dose of: 0,1-1 ml/L.
  • Obviously if you added to prevent the recommendation is adding 0,1-0,2 ml/L.
  • If you pretend to correct any lack of potassium quickly the best will be to use a dose of 0,5-0,6 ml/L.

Higher dosages of product should only be used in case of heavy deficiencies, or in motherplants with high consumption of this element (rare).

Recommended foliar dosages for cuttings and motherplants

Foliar spraying is a great way of solving soft deficiencies easily. In cases of seedlings or cuttings in rooting process the recommended dose is 0,3-0m5 ml/L.

In those cases you pretend to spray you motherplants before taking clones, pay special attention to never use dosages over 0,5 ml/L to avoid any potassium nutrientlock in plants.

Bionova K-20 characteristics

Type: Potassium deficiency corrector (K).

To: Prevent and correct lack of potassium. Improve densisty and weight of dried-flowers. Increase taste and aroma of buds.


  • To prevent along all growing cycle of plants (growing and flowering stage).
  • To correct unexpected deficiency until total recovering.
  • As supplement for flowering during the last 4 weeks of bloom (before flushing).
  • To boost rooting process of cuttings spray 2-3 days before taking clones.

Bio Nova K20 final reviews and its price of sale

Lack of potassium is not the much comon one in-between cannabis plants. Even though it is not rare to notice these type of lack due an unbalanced substrate ph, a poor quality of water used or due a bad use of nutrients. In any case, K-20 is a supplement that acts as an additive of potassium, solving quickly any deficiency of this element.

Furthermore than being a deficiency solver, we do think it is interesting to use K20 as a potassium additive during late flowering phase before flushing. We made our test and the extra source of potassium not only enlarges the crop, but also improves quality. We have noticed an increase of bud density, that manifests as larger flowers, denser with higher dry-weight, besides more resin, taste and flavor.

Once the efficiency of K-20 hs been reviewed, now it's time to talk about its price. In this case, as it happens with other Bionova products, we can only congratulate this brand for selling a high quality product, for an average price, being highly concentrated (specially if we compare concentration with products from competitors). Focussing the point: If dosages are 10-20 times lower and the price is only slightly higher than other products in market the conclusion is clear: K20 has a sale price much cheper than any other product with similar functionality in market. Do not hesitate to try it and see the results in your own garden.

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