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Bionova P20 is a Phophorus based additive to correct and solve any lack of this mineral during growth. P-20 is formuled with food grade minerals being highly concentrated. Contains a 20% of phosphorus, suitable for vegetative stage and bloom stage of plants. The main advantage of Bio Nova P 20 is plants can directly uptake it.

What's BioNova P20 and why is it good for?

Bionova P20 is a directly uptaken phosphorus additive for plants, useful to prevent and correct lacks of phosphorus along growth.

P-20 can also be added to your nutrient solution as a supplement for your fertilizer and boosters:

  • To enhance root formation along vegetative stage.
  • To stimulate denser flower formation at early bloom

Defficiencies of phosphorus are easily detected because plants manifest a slow growth and a purple coloring in stems and leaves.

Advantages and benefits of P-20 during growth

P-20 has multiple applications, advantages and benefits like correcting and solving lack of phosphorus (P).

  • Bio Nova P 20 is formuled with food-grade minerals. Is thanks to this quick uptake of phosphorus that plants can recover their health way and get best performance.
  • Improves root developement during vegetative stage.
  • Increases flower density along first weeks of bloom stage.
  • Phosphorus is important to source needed energy to plant's methabolism so they can methabolize important molecules. Every one of cell inside reactions of plant relies on phosphorus as an energy source.
  • With P20 you can adjust your nutrient schedule to improve the amount of phosphorus in certain stages of growth.
  • P-20 is formuled to be used indoors and outdoors.

How to add Nova P 20: Usage

Bionova P 20 must be added to your nutrient solution as soon as you notice a lack of phosphorus. You can also use P 20 as a supplement during grow stage and bloom phase.

You can mix P-20 with any nutrient or booster, besides being suitable for all kinds of growing mediums (soil, coco and hydroponics).

Bio Nova P20 is suitable with all irrigation methods (manual or within pumps and dripers), and it can be applied in foliar spray to correct soft defficiencies in cuttings and seedlings.

Dosage of P20 in irrigation

To correct heavy lack of phosphorus add  0,5-1 ml/L.

To stimulate root and flower developement add 0,1-0,5 ml/L.

A dose of 1:1000 increases the total amount of phosphorus in 3,5 µmol.

Recommended dose to foliar spray cuttings and seedlings

Mix a dose of 2,5-5 ml/L and proceed to spray plants. Remember to always spray your plants in hours of low light intensity.

To get a good penetration of product in plants is important to pay special attention to underside of leaves when spraying (area of maximum absortion).

Characteristics of P20 by BioNova

Type: Phosphorus liquid supplement.

To: Correct and solve lack of phosphorus during all stages of growth. To enhance root growth during vegetative stage. To improve densisty of buds during bloom phase.

Use: From early growing stage until mid. flowering phase.

Dosage: 0,1-0,5 ml/L.

Bio Nova P20 reviews and its price of sale

The use of supplements of phosphorus for growing is something common in-between growers who need to enlarger their crops. Even though it's true that this type of products are frequently used to solve phosphorus defficiencies, Bionova P20 is a great ally to improve growth ration and flowers density. In this case we can asure the phosphorus content in Bio Nova P 20 is quickly uptake and gets great improvements in plant's performance.

Another point for P20 is its high concentration (remember the dosage is between 1 and 5 ml per 10L), what makes it the most concentrated phosphorus additive in market, for a very cheap price when compared with competitors.

In our garden, P-20 has proved to improve developement of plants, and got to increase bud's density (compared with previous cycles with same genetics). no doubt the phosphorus supplement at early stages of bloom helps flowers to become larger and denser.

To be fair with the price of this product first you need to understand the concentration of the product. You can buy P20 Bionova for about 15€ per Liter (slightly higher that the price per liter than competitors) but reading deeper P-20 has a recomended dosage of 0,1-0,5 ml/L, while competitors recommend a dose of 1-2 ml/L (almost 10 times higher, do your maths).

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